Do you often wonder if you are blessed with luck or do you actually set your path in life and create it? These questions have crossed my mind since we started this candle business in 1999.


It began in our suburban home amongst my two young daughters, two 6 month old puppies and a husband who worked his week 400 miles away. We started pouring candles. Our basement became where we mastered our pouring technique, packed orders, and cried many tears. What did we get into?


A labor of love was built, and after craft fairs, home shows and word of mouth, we opened our first store in a little farmhouse one mile from our home where there was little traffic and no retail establishments - Perfect!


Build it and they will come. Wonderful years, another store, a web business, wholesale accounts- many trials and tribulations later, my gratitude can only be expressed to the stars that have lined up. On a daily basis, there are many angels who spread their wings and share in our smiles, and share the love of our candles.


Juls Candles is comprised of all who love it! With the personally concocted scents of the candle aroma, one will be tempted to visit on a weekly basis as the merchandise is constantly changing.


I invite you to join us for a deep breath of something out of the ordinary. We will make you feel like life can move a bit slower, and laughter may come easy for a while.


Live your dream with peace -








Travel over the Rivers and through the woods, up mountains and through glistening waters. Tip toe through herb gardens, and smell the wind blowing wildflowers without ever leaving your home. Mother Earth's pure oils transfer love from her soul to ours and bring lasting memories through the flicker of the flame.  Juls' passion  re-creates exotic fragrances using the finest oils available like nothing you have experienced before.  Personally designed and poured bringing personality and mood to your adored spaces.



Natural waxes specially formulated and mixed bring purity resulting in your candle burning evenly. Proper care of your Juls candle equals clean and continual burning pleasure.



Each wick placed in its vessel with purpose. Lead -free,  straightened by hand, and chosen by scent and diameter of wick heat resistance. As the wax forms around the wick, the wick is once again pulled by human hands as the Juls candle dries to completion.  Wicks are trimmed to the exact 1/4" in length and now ready to share its "Flicker of the Flame."


Quality Craftsmanship...


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