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What are magick candles?

Magick candles combine our 30 year strong, luxury candle formula with our continually evolving and expanding spiritual wisdom. They are spiritual and healing tools that are easy to use and stunning to look at. Each one is handcrafted and hand-designed with locally wildcrafted herbs, ethically sourced flowers and high vibrational crystals. From start to finish, these creations are treated with intentional care so that you can truly feel the difference.

Expect energetic shifts in your life, and within your energy system aligned with your highest good and the highest good of the universe.

Best of all, you don't even need to know what I'm talking about to benefit! Each creation comes with suggested use and best practice instructions.

All you need is an open mind and curious heart... we've got the rest.

Shop Magick Candles 

Each of these magick candles has a story. All have been created by either Zoe or Molly with the intention of attracting specific people who need their medicine. If one of these creations catches your eye, it was meant for you. Trust yourself here! The stories and instructions for each creation can be found on the individual product pages. Happy shopping!