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Baby Jane

Fresh squeezed key lime embraced by organic vanilla. A bright freshness softened by peace and new beginnings. A spring scent like no other. A Juls best seller.

Hottie Tottie

Everything in moderation!

A sweet tooth satisfier brought into balance with eucalyptus greens. A great one to create happy warm experiences and memories with those you love. A Juls favorite.

Bora Bora

It's a tropical daydream. Fresh cut pineapple on a summer's day. Close your eyes and feel the open window breeze, the brightness filling your soul. Ideal for the fruit scent lover, but pairs great with earthy scents too.


Uplift your senses to uplift your soul. Fiery juicy fruits that symbolize the heart, have been sweetened by sugar like life’s experiences. This scent reminds us to move forward and stay strong from the heart, for the heart, and to authentically reach the heart of others.   

Lavender Fields

Effervescent dried lavender lightly softened with vanilla and spice. Experience true relaxation. Let the day go and love the moment of lavender.

Piped Tobacco

A soft bed of fresh cut tobacco leaves and hibiscus flower. Not to be confused with a robust rolled cigar. This scent illuminates the elegance, confidence, and grace within you.

Apple Jack

Apples, spice, and everything nice. Fill your home with this autumn classic. Relight your memories in the container of your choosing year after year!

China Rain

We’ve walked through this garden to create a soft bouquet just for you. Luscious roses and loving lilies washed by cool rain to promote internal healing. A cleanse for the mind and soul.

Cucumber Fresh

A summer salad of crisp cucumber & juicy melon, lightly seasoned with cleansing cilantro. Detox the soul with this aroma or fill your space with newly refreshed energy as you clean out the old.

Free Spirit

The complex blend of earth, air and fire simplified into one aroma. Release your soul from expectation and limitations. Fire up your passion and set your true self free

Man Cave

Pipe tobacco, clary sage, and a hint of musky patchouli present the male energy in a candle. Sturdy, stable, confident. Complete your collection with this earthy addition.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and honey smoothed by sweet pumpkin undertones. Refrain from licking your fingers while you get lost in your wonderful memories! A Juls best seller and an American classic.

Vermont Woods

A collection of evergreens: pine balsam and fir. Completely safe for those allergic to the pine in our Christmas Tree scent, but fir-ever perfect for the holidays just the same.

Get it? Fir!

Juls cracked a joke.

Black Tie

Fresh raspberries and a glass of red wine on a warm summers eve in the Georgia Mountains. Signature magnolia flowers complete this experience. #1 seller for over 20 years!

"Get Washed"

Fresh Laundry & Patchouli. Add a capful to your wash or to a warm delicates bath in the sink. Guaranteed to take the stink right out of anything!


Rolling hills of sweet purple buds muddled with black cypress and cassis sprinkled with rosemary. Designed for enhancing your relaxation and peace encouraging your surrender to your freer fuller life. 

Light of Hope

A refreshing smoothie of cucumber and exotic fruits lightly sweetened with vanilla sugar and brought to earth with a hint of cilantro.

Love, Juliet

top notes of ripe peaches and lush cherry blossom with deep base notes of white jasmine. Inspired by love, kindness and compassion, this scent has been created specially for a new friend found via social media and donates to National Suicide Prevention with every purchase.

The Trifecta

Three of our most powerful aromas combine into one for the ultimate experience. Nirvana, Piped Tobacco, and Lavender. Feel the security of the earth deep in your heart. Relax. Surrender. Let Go.


Experience the freedom of island life. Frangipani flowers livened with fresh lemon and lime in the cool breeze. Light colors, warm tanned skin, clean solace... up beat and alive. Spread your wings and dance to this butterfly’s song.

Christmas Tree

The purest pine.

Just like the real thing without the mess. We promise you won’t be able to tell the difference. A Juls best seller year round.

Creekstone Fig

Mediterranean fig, lightly spiced with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Comfortable. Close your eyes and experience a flowing stream in your favorite sweatshirt and blue jeans. Now open your eyes and allow this scent to hold your own homey memories.

Ginger Spiced Orange

Fresh orange citrus with a spicy front note. Soothing and warm as it travels from the tip of the nose and straight to the heart. A spa like aroma to fill your space with relaxation. 

Peppermint Twist

Peppermint and vanilla intertwine presenting the ultimate soothing aroma. This seasonal treat adds a new dimension to your holiday décor. One of our most popular in candles and soaps.


An evening in an evergreen forest cabin drinking exotic wine under the stars. Black cypress enhances exotic black current creating a richly mysterious aroma.

Howl at the moon. Release your natural sensuality.


Are we crazy for combining peaches, raspberries and magnolia with pumpkin pie and spice? No. We are wickedly brilliant! This blend is the spicy halloween brew you've been looking for.