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Juls Candles Presents... Redwood Dreamer

Vermont Woods meets Redwood Cedar. Walk through the lush Redwood Forest- feel the soft ground under your feet- the strength of the trees rooted underneath you. Feel calmed, protected, and connected. The perfect scent for fall and winter- an amazing gift for him or her.

Image by Vera Gorbunova

Holiday Additions

Christmas Tree

Pure Pine relights your memories. Burn our Christmas Tree in your home and watch as your Christmas Tree and decorative garland come alive!

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and nostalgia. This warm spicy aroma is guaranteed to relight your fondest holiday memories and warm your heart. Experience this aroma wrapping its arms around you like a big hug. 

Three Bridges

A mix of our two best sellers: Black Tie and Christmas Tree. Experience the fresh earthiness of pine intermingle with the deep berries of Black Tie. 

Best Sellers

Baby Jane

Fresh squeezed key lime embraced by organic vanilla. A bright freshness softened by peace and new beginnings.

Hottie Tottie

Everything in moderation!

A sweet tooth satisfier brought into balance with eucalyptus greens. A great one to create happy warm experiences and memories with those you love

Black Tie

Fresh raspberries, peaches and magnolia. Experience a warm summers' eve in the North Georgia Mountains. 

Get Washed

Fresh Laundry & Patchouli. Add a capful to your wash or to a warm delicates bath in the sink. Guaranteed to take the stink right out of anything!

China Rain

We’ve walked through this garden to create a soft bouquet just for you. Luscious roses and loving lilies washed by cool rain.


Black cypress enhances exotic black current creating a richly mysterious aroma.

Howl at the moon amongst the evergreens. Release your natural sensuality.

New Releases

Bora Bora

It's a tropical daydream. Fresh cut pineapple on a summer's day. Close your eyes and feel the open window breeze, the brightness filling your soul.

Enchanted Forest

Blood orange, brown sugar, spruce, and a twist of sage. Bringing magic to your evergreen stroll- truly lives up to the name.


A part of the Cultivate line-  Pineapple, lime, and verbena blend together to create joy in your home and heart.

The Mystic

A heavenly blend of Caribbean Teakwood, Redwood Cedar, and a splash of magic. From darkness to light, The Mystic is a harmonious blend of the masculine and the feminine- fit for every palate, every space and every season.

Volume 6

A Bottleshare collaboration- honey, pineapple, and black cypress make this custom brew.


A part of the Cultivate line- Bring courage to your space with this blend of dark berries and evergreen aromas. Strong and capable.


A part of the cultivate line-China Rain with a Peppermint Twist is the scent to set you free. Fresh and empowering.


A Juls recreation- Designed after "Volcano" but Juls style:

Orangey citrus and sugar pack a cult following punch.

The Trifecta

We've paired our new favorites into one aroma- Nirvana, Piped Tobacco and Lavender. Soft, strong, fresh; experience unique.


A Juls partnership creation- fresh cut lavender, dark exotic fruit and earthy rosemary. Cultivating your courage, joy and freedom.

Georgia on my Mind

Cozy up in fresh warm sheets- what clean feels like. Peaches, raspberries, magnolia, citrus and sage. A scent unlike any other. 

Love, Juliet

A Juls partnership creation- white lilies, cherry blossom, and ripe peaches represent the life that wore this scent. In memory of Juliet Benson.

Piped Tobacco

A soft bed of fresh cut tobacco leaves and hibiscus flower. This scent illuminates the elegance, confidence, and grace within you.

The Rest of Em'

Blue Moon

Fresh orangey citrus with a spicy front note. Soothing, warm and organic uniqueness. Enjoy this spa like aroma as it fills your space with refreshing relaxation. 

Cucumber Fresh

A summer salad of crisp cucumber & juicy melon, lightly seasoned with cleansing cilantro. Detox the soul with this aroma and fill your space with fresh energy

Hippy Chick

"Man Cave's" sister... Patchouli sweetened with brown sugar and vanilla. Like an earthy hug. Fill your space with Hippy Chick when you need some warmth and relaxation.

Spicy Juls

Citrus and allspice topped with coconut shavings? Just like Juls, this scent is a mix of all the good things. Guaranteed to bring you right back to the James Burgess storefront.


Experience the freedom of island life with wings as light as a butterfly. Frangipani flowers livened by fresh lemon and lime with a hint of coconut in the cool breeze. 

Free Spirit

Pure pine blended with peppermint: the complex blend of earth, air and fire simplified into one aroma. Free your soul from expectation and limitations. 

Lavender Fields

Rolling hills of fresh lavender. This is an earthly blend including the buds, stems and leaves. Add a little twist of vanilla bean and you get a sweet sniff of heaven.

Vermont Woods

Pine, balsam, and fir inspired by the countryside from which this company was born! Take a stroll through the evergreens- perfect for the nature lover & safe for pine sensitivities.


Memories of southern summers- citronella keeps all the bugs at bay. Get functional while maintaining the Juls standard. Available in decorative containers too!


Fresh key lime squeezed by hand- well not really but definitely poured by it. Citrusy, zingy, clean, and springy. Cleanse your space with this rejuvenating aroma.

Man Cave

Pipe tobacco, clary sage, and a hint of patchouli present the male energy in a candle: Sturdy, stable, confident. Complete your collection with this earthy addition.

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