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Juls Candles Burn Tips


1. Allow the candle to completely melt across the top during each burning experience. Your first time is important, but the second burn is where the memories are made. 


2. Keep the wicks trim. 1/4" inch is best.


3. Realign the wick after each burn. A quick twist and readjustment will ensure melting every time.


4. If your candle is in a drafty space, soot will form on the jar. Simply wipe out with baby wipe or wet paper towel for a consistently clean look.


5. Never leave a candle unattended. Stop burning the candle with 1/3" of wax left, choose your surfaces carefully, and keep away from drafty areas and fabrics. Juls Candles is not responsible for damage or injury due to lack of care and attention when burning our candles.

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