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"Enlightened Guidance" Affirmations and Journaling Prompts
"Enlightened Guidance" candles have been inspired by all the wonderful people we have met who are actively designing their lives by following their higher wisdom and guidance. They are also for and inspired by anyone looking to live their life more aligned with this spiritual connection. As a Pisces, empath, highly creative, and heavily feminine energy, I have found it incredibly helpful to tap deep within and high above my body to feel more at home here and confident in my path. I have also watched my sister gain stronger inner clarity, self worth and confidence from tapping into the unseen and exploring her inner truth. Because of the benefits we have experienced and the deep love for life we have felt through our spiritual journeys, we made these candles tools to help you do the same! They have been infused with cleansing and purification, centering and coming back to yourself, feeling safe and calm, and boosting your creativity. They won't do ALL the work for you, but they will certainly make the right work more clear and more fun to do.  Click the button below for candle burning affirmations and "go deeper" journaling prompts.


These candles have been made with:

  • cream or white wax for manifestation and pure intentions

  • purple glitter to open and heal the crown chakra

  • Wild Roses for psychic powers, healing, love and divination

  • Lavender for uplifted mood and relaxation

  • Rose Hips for feminine, Venus and water energy, love, healing and luck

  • Aster for healthy emotions, contentment and protection

  • Milk thistle for dispelling evil influences, breaking hexes, deepening meditation, purifying, blessings and strength

  • Basil for luck, prosperity, harmony and calm

  • Goldenrod for luck, money and prosperity, and divination

  • Queen Anne's Lace for purified intentions, negotiating delicate matters, unearthing deep talent

  • Amethyst for crown chakra health, higher wisdom, gentleness, and mental clarity

  • Sand from Peace Park in Sedona Arizona

  • Ghost Quartz for meditation, opening the doors to new realms, and communion with source


I light this candle with gratitude. I thank this candle's flame for burning away any fears I may hold that are blocking me from my inner guidance and higher wisdom. I thank this candle's aroma for attracting my benevolent guides and supportive team. I thank the fire from this candle for clearing away any mental resistance I may have to following my heart. I open the channel between my heart and mind for more divinely inspired action. I ask this candle to help guide the way to my path of highest good. I ask it to attract to me information, teachers, conversations, media, music, healers and opportunities that help me gently learn more about myself and expand my connection to benevolent energies and spirituality. I am now open to seeing synchronicities and feel confident in following them. With the help of this candle, I am now clear of all that is not mine and am centered within myself to live my most fulfilling life. 

Journaling Prompts

Please take your time with these journaling prompts. Each question has 3 questions within. The more often you explore these questions. the clearer you'll be on how to live into your healthiest, fullest sacral expression. 

1. How am I currently connecting with my spiritual side? If I'm not currently connection, what way of connecting interests me the most?


Common ways of connecting with your spiritual/subconscious/inner wisdom

  • journaling practice

  • dreams/dream journaling

  • meditation

  • alternative healers

  • videos/podcasts

  • books

  • nature

  • religious practices

  • ancestral veneration

  • crystals and or herbs

  • paranormal research/practice

  • manifestation

2. What in my life feels off or unaligned? 

Could be relationships, career or work, daily life or just a general feeling. 

3. What would my life look like if I were to follow my inner wisdom and higher guidance instead of what I "think" I should do?


Many of us are taught to live our life through the mind and some of us are born with very strong minds. Funny thing about the brain though, is that it's mostly programmed by your environment and utilizes energy saving patterns to form habits that while sometimes may served you, are not truth and are changeable whenever you want. The brain is great at convincing you it's right, but your brain is a tool, not the gospel. The heart however, is always clear. It's aligned with unconditional love and higher wisdom. It always knows what's right for us... the kind of right that's good for everyone else too. So allow yourself to dream here! What would your life be like if your mind never got in the way? What if you could hear your heart clearly and felt like it was right to follow? 

4.  Where in my body do I feel resistance to this reality? What step can I take to begin clearing this and more fully living through my heart?

Further Resources

When exploring spirituality, it's great to have a team and community doing the same! Zoe and I have received great healing and support from a trusted Reiki practitioner named Sarah! Her information is below. Please check out her website. It's full of information about what she does and how it could benefit your life!

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