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Spreading Love Through Light

Every purchase you make with Juls Candles reaches beyond our company. Each scent has been assigned a different foundation, project or organization around the world because we believe that as a business, we have a responsibility to make a difference. As our company grows, so does our outreach thanks to you! We love you!


Canines with A Cause

Baby Jane: Key Lime + Vanilla Bean

"Harnessing the untapped potential of shelter dogs to heal emotional and psychological wounds, provide unconditional love, support, and companionship, and give dogs a new leash on life." Save shelter dogs, help prisoners give back to the community, and help veterans in need!


Guitars in the Classroom

Butterfly: Lemon, Lime, Coconut, Verbena

"Supports highly-engaged student learning in public schools by training, equipping and inspiring teachers and school staff to play, sing, lead and integrate music with academic instruction and social-emotional development." Support these free programs restore music to it's rightful place in childhood learning.



Cultivate: Lavender, Dark Fruit & Rosemary

Freedom: Roses & Peppermint

Courage: Dark Berries & Evergreen

Joy: Pineapple, Lime & Verbena 

A community for women in pursuit of emotional, spiritual and relational health. "No matter your age, season, or circumstance, Cultivate is here to guide you as your discover your voice and cultivate a life of joy, courage and freedom. Cultivate's mission is to provide you with excellent, affordable counseling services and resources."


GA Center for Child Advocacy

Georgia on my Mind: Peaches, Raspberries, Magnolia + Sage, Citrus

"The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy champions the needs of sexually and severely physically abused children through prevention, intervention, therapy and collaboration. The goal is to focus on the child's needs rather than only the crime itself."




Hottie Tottie: Eggnog + Eucalyptus

"Operation Underground Railroad paves the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue and recovery planning. O.U.R trains rescue professionals, educates the public, rehabilitates the victims and follows through with prosecuting the perpetrators. 


New Earth

The Mystic: Redwood Cedar, Caribbean Teakwood & a dash of magic

"New Earth Life ORG provides mentor based arts, educational and vocational programs that empower juvenile justice and system involved youth ages 13-25 to transform their lives, move toward positive, healthier life choices, and realize their full potential as contributing members of our community."


New Earth Life ORG

The Mystic: Redwood Cedar, Caribbean Teakwood + Magic

"New Earth provides mentor based arts, educational, and vocational programs that empower juvenile justice and system involved youth ages 13-25 to transform their lives, move toward positive, healthier life choices, and realize their full potential as contributing members of our community."


BeLoved Atlanta

Black Tie: Peaches, Raspberries, Magnolia

"The only two year residential home and program in Atlanta for adult women affected by sexual exploitation. Beloved provides resources to assess each residents physical, mental health and spiritual needs." Beloved provides valuable support and resources to these strong women in our community.


World Water Relief

Rosewater: Lilies, Roses + Fresh Rain

"More than 840,000 people die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene related causes. WWR permanently improves the sanitation and hygiene habits of the students and their families by implementing the WASH in-school program. Children become the agents for change in their homes and communities."



Enchanted Forest: Blood Orange + Spruce & Fir

Hemingway: Pure Keylime

Organizing reforestation projects to mobilize communities and restore our degraded soils by engaging corporates, organisations and scientists in collaborative action to advance forest landscape restoration." WeForest projects advocate for climate, people, and our planet.


Friends of Animals

Get Washed: Patchouli + Fresh Linen

Focused on reducing the number of cats and dogs who suffer horrid cruelties associated with abandonment. FoA collaborates with veterinary hospitals and communities to provide education and affordable spay and neuter procedures to keep animals out of shelters and off the streets.



Nirvana: Orange, Citrus + Sugar

"Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is determined to become the world's most widely used solution for companies and individuals to eliminate food waste in their communities, making food rescue sustainable and universal, and food hunger a thing of the past. Working together, we can ensure that only hunger is left behind!"


C.C.R Chicago

Renaissance: Black Cypress + Cassis

CCR provides free meditation services to people in conflict and offers trainings in meditation skills as well as customizable conflict management workshops. CCR is expanding opportunities to build community and resolution of everyday conflicts through its flexible, free services.


Story Tapestries INC

Vermont Woods: Pine Balsam, Spruce & Fir

"Story Tapestries empowers, educates and encourages children and adults to integrate the arts into all aspects of their lives through performances, workshops, artist residencies and educator training programs. Increasing access to the arts in schools and communities can be life changing- 'With arts, understanding; with understanding, community."


Chef Ann Foundation

Bora Bora: Fresh Cut Pineapple

Real food school project "supports kids' schools move from highly processed lunches to nutrient dense real food."This project provides tools, training, resources and funding that enables schools nationwide to cook and serve real food that nourishes children's bodies, minds and futures."


CASA of Forsyth

Cucumber Fresh: Cucumber + Cilantro

"Part of a network of 951 community-based programs around the United States that recruit, train, and support citizen volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in courtrooms and communities." Training volunteers to stand up and speak out for children's rights.


Angels in Waiting

Free Spirit: Peppermint + Pure Pine

Lavender Fields: Lavender + Vanilla Bean

"AIW is dedicated to recruiting qualified nurses to provide loving homes, nursing care, and other needed services to medically fragile infants and children. We provide two essential ingredients for these children to heal - loving home environments and individualized nursing care."


S&S for School Gardens WW

Hippy Chick: Eggnog + Patchouli + Lavender

Man Cave: Piped Tobacco, Sage + Citrus, Patchouli

"Seeds and Support for School Gardens World Wide is teaching communities to grow healthy food by supplying seeds to schools. The school gardens grow vegetables and future leaders to counter hunger and poverty in their communities. 



Love, Juliet: White Lilies, Cherry Blossom & Ripe Peaches

"The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a voluntary health organization that gives those affected by suicide a nationwide community empowered by research, education and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death." Love, Juliet profits are donated in honor of Juliet Benson to the Benson family.


Give an Hour

The Trifecta: Nirvana + Piped Tobacco + Lavender

"Give an hour provides access to no cost mental health care for specific populations, starting with active duty guard and reserve, veterans and loved ones. Licensed mental health professionals offer one-on one support through in-person, phone or virtual therapy.

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