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"Golden age" Magick Candles
"Golden Age" magick candles are our way of helping the world speed this death and rebirth process up already.... jk. Well... kind of. "The Golden Age" marks a time in society of primordial peace where people do not fight for resources or die of violence or illness. A time where everyone works in harmony and lives in true abundance. Greek and Roman poets are known for their accounts of The Golden Age, however there have been Golden Ages recorded all over the world. According to astrologists, psychics and some historians, humanity is moving toward another Golden Age where together we live in total justice and peace. Sounds great right? Well there are ways to embody the Golden Age here and now, and that's where these candles come in. "Golden Age" candles are designed to help you live in complete alignment within yourself. They are infused with joy, self love, compassion, and growing through ease and grace. We may not be in a true Golden Age, but there is no reason we need to remain blind to the truth: the universe is abundant and we are all just as important as one another. When we care for ourselves and live in our own authenticity, the world follows. Click the button below for candle burning affirmations and "go deeper" journaling prompts.


These candles have been made with:

  • white or cream wax for manifestation

  • yellow and purple glitter for self confidence and divination

  • Wildflowers for cleansing, luck, clarity, protection and, resilience and stability

  • Wild Roses for feminine, Venus and water energy, love, healing and luck

  • Aster for healthy emotions, contentment and protection

  • Goldenrod for luck, money and prosperity

  • Queen Anne's Lace for purified intentions, negotiating delicate matters, unearthing deep talent, and for making rebellious yet beneficial decisions in career or work if needed.

  • Calendula for general happiness and inner fire

  • Lavender for clarity, happiness, and inner peace

  • Violets for peace, love, protection and peace

  • Amethyst sand for healing and spiritual clarity

  • Selenite powder for energy cleansing 

  • Shungite for EMF protection

  • Assorted Crystals for whatever else you may need!


I light this candle with gratitude. I thank it's light for guiding me to ultimate sacral chakra health and my highest good expression. I thank it's fire for lighting my passions and nurturing healthy passion in those around me. I thank it's warmth for stimulating my creativity. I open myself to easily receiving inspiration from it's vibrant color. With this candle's support, I open my sacral chakra to healthy emotional expression and sexual experiences. I ask for healthy boundaries around my sacral center as protection from taking on the other's energy as my own. With the help from this candle and it's magick, I am now cleared of any traumas from this lifetime and past that are no longer serving my ultimate joy and fulfillment. I accept that this clearing may be a process and I trust that I am supported in the process being easy and graceful. I light this candle with the intentions of taking full responsibility for my sacral health and wellbeing.

Journaling Prompts

Please take your time with these journaling prompts. Each question has 3 questions within. The more often you explore these questions. the clearer you'll be on how to live into your healthiest, fullest sacral expression. 

1. What is my current story around money and generating more money?


(it can be helpful to look at your families patterns around money. How do they speak about it? What did you learn about money from them? It's also helpful to look at the financial patterns in your immediate culture. Are your friends living paycheck to paycheck? Are they frequently saying things like "I can't afford that?" Are the people you're surrounded by frequently hustling and working themselves to exhaustion? Are they apathetic towards money? Do they use money as a showcase for their worth?) Common money stories: 

  • "More Money More Problems"

  • "Money doesn't grow on trees you know"

  • "I can't afford that"

  • "Making Money is serious business and hard work"

  • "The rich just get richer"

  • "Rich people suck, so why would I want to be rich?"

2. Ultimately you get to decide who you are as a wealthy person. Take some time to re-write your money story.


What becomes possible if you make more money? How does your life get better? Who else could you possibly help? If you grew up in the perfect household, how would your ideal family have taught you about money? Would it be easy to make? Fun and acceptable to spend? Easy to be educated about? Easy to play with? Would there be a ceiling for how much is available to you? Would you have been taught more about all the abundantly creative ways to make more and utilize it intentionally?

3. Write out your ideal monthly income or yearly income. You can come back to this manifestation whenever you choose to upgrade it. Take some time to envision what it feels like to make that much. Don't take any doubt, fear or anger that comes up to seriously. That's normal. Keep practicing visualizing it feeling good. Make note of any negative feelings then visit this youtube channel  to clear the stories and feelings that will no longer be serving you here. 

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