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From 1999

Suwannee GA

It all began in a suburban Atlanta home; a creative woman with a passion that burned bright. Two young daughters, puppies, and a husband working 400 miles away. Long hours and many tears later, Juls created unique scent combinations to reflect her love and passion through candle light

From basement, to craft shows, to storefront.. word of mouth grew her popularity. The storefront became not only the destination for the best scented products in town, but an experience for customers to escape and enhance their busy lives. Some gained confidence, some courage, some strength... all gained a friend, sister, and a home away from home.

To Present

Northwest Georgia

& Online

Giving all that love and creativity for many years comes at a price. Juls experienced her own hardships forcing her to learn all over again how to love and care for her self. The next step in her journey was to let go of storefront and open her arms to something new.

Her daughter, Molly, met those open arms with a hug. Today Molly and Juls are working together, back in the basement, with the intention of spreading Juls Candles essence. Molly is creating the experience of Juls online and helping Juls extend her message further than she ever thought possible. Together they present you with high quality products, hand poured just for you.

Moving Forward

Limitless Potential

The products continue to be a reflection Jul's vibrant creativity and radiant personality. Her nurturing compassion and dedication to her customers made the brick & mortar store a place of community... we aspire to maintain that community to transcended the products beyond your average gift.

Juls Candles will always be an experience. 

Our scents capture your memories to be relit over and over. Each product is created by hand with love and intention.

As we express our love and creativity through each pour, our intention has always been to give. We are expanding our reach and want to help the community spread their love too. Some of our candles are dedicated to organizations and businesses, to individuals, to good causes. Some are made as gifts at special functions like weddings. Others are used to raise money in fundraisers. Each candle has a story just like every one of us. If you would like to utilize our resource to expand your story, send us a message below and be sure to follow us on our social media platforms.



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