From 1999

It all began in a suburban Atlanta home; a creative woman with a passion that burned bright. Two young daughters, puppies, and a husband working 400 miles away. Long hours and many tears later, Juls created unique scent combinations to reflect her love and passion through candle light

From basement, to craft shows, to storefront.. word of mouth grew her popularity. The storefront became not only the destination for the best scented products in town, but an experience for customers to escape and enhance their busy lives. Some gained confidence, some courage, some strength... all gained a friend, sister, and a home away from home.

We are Multidimensional



We work with our customers to craft custom creations for whatever purpose they need. We care about you and your life! Want to make a custom scent for your wedding, a business or in memory of your loved one? Maybe you want to host a fundraiser with our products. Send us a message below! We love you!


A Clean Burn

Our candles are clean and strong. Our wax formula has been perfected through 40 years of experimentation providing you the cleanest burn and strongest scent throw. We pride ourselves on our product longevity, and burning efficiency. Tunneling is very unlikely, but if our hands mess up along the way, we are happy to correct our mistakes for your best burning experience.


Health Conscious

We are passionate about holistic healthcare and overall wellness, therefore we will never create anything we wouldn't use! Experience strong smelling candles without the headaches or nausea.



All of our products from candles, to soap, to body oil and diffuser oils are crafted to enhance your mental, spiritual and emotional wellness! We care about your vitality therefore, our oils are safe to breathe in and use on skin. Because our oils are so lovely and pure, they all smell so good together too! Like an aromatic harmony. Feel good about your bliss.


We fill a Room

Have you ever experienced a candle fill an entire room with it's aroma? Our candles do. We even offer suggested uses in our product descriptions so you know the size you're ordering will fill your space full. All of our scents dance together so beautifully, full of expression and personality.


More than a Product

Every purchase made with Juls Candles online contributes a donation to a charity, foundation or organization around the world. Each scent has been assigned a special cause dedicated to making the world a more loving place. By choosing the products you love, you're making an impact much farther than you could imagine.




Instagram: @juls.candles

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TikTok: @juls.candles

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