Spark up your confidence and self love with this Black Tie masterpiece. 

Adorned with roses & pink himilayan salt for self love, cinnamon sugar to spice up your sweetness, and yellow glitter for enhancing your shine, internal wisdom and confidence! It's a recipe garenteed to inspire you strutting your stuff- because you're fabulous. 

A Dash of Confidence

  • Scent: Black Tie

    Size: 10oz

    Burn Time: 40+ hours

    Suggested Use: Because this candle is all about increasing your confidence, try using it in your closet, bedroom or bathroom space while you get ready for your day! Maybe use it in the office to gear up your boss b*tch- get stuff done attitude. Perhaps use it before a big day, evening or moment when you feel you just need that confidence boost to show up a little brighter.