An antique and a unique. The metal cups are removable and refillable! 


For this piece you get to choose two scents to blend! 

Here are some of our recommendations:


Nirvana + Stargazer

Hottie Tottie + Baby Jane

Sundara + The Mystic

Butterfly + Nirvana

Renaissance + Stargazer

Man Cave + The Mystic

Odessa + Christmas Tree

China Rain + Baroness

Antique Trough

  • Scent: Your Choice of 2!

    Size: 6 x 3oz Tins

    Burn time: 13.5 Hours

    Suggested use: This rustic wooden piece is narrow making it perfect for rectangular tables, mantles, narrow tables and island spaces. Let your creativity take you to new heights by mixing scents as you refill it!