Set the mood and connect with this Hottie Tottie creation. 

This candle has been adorned with:

  • Hairy sunflower for wishes and health
  • Roses and pink Himalayan salt for self love, confidence, and love
  • Purple glitter for divination
  • Late Boneset for regeneration and strengthening of connection
  • Rough Blazing Star for happiness, joy and bliss
  • Purple Aster for patience, elegance, wisdom and royalty
  • An intuitive assortment of crystals 
  • A spice blend to attract prosperity and good fortune (because why not?!)

Intimacy and Connection

  • Scent: Hottie Tottie

    Size: 6oz

    Burn time: 30+ hours

    Suggested use: This candle deserves to be burned whenever you're looking for a deep, intimate connection. It's been designed to calm any anxiety in the space and increase self love- it clears the air of anything getting in the way of the connection you're craving. Light the fire, spark the flame and bring some divinity into your connection.



    Warning: Flowers may catch fire. Magick candles require a little more love and attention- never leave candle unattended. If flowers get too close to the flame, simply move them or take them out and set beside the candle. Their magical properties exist inside or outside of the candle. Please keep wicks trimmed and the candle away from drafty areas. Treat it with respect love and care as it's taking such great care of you!

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