These magick candles have been crafted with the intention of bringing peace and acceptance to where you are. They are adorned with herbs to soothe anxiety, connect you to your inner wisdom and bring fresh inspiration to your daily routine. The crystals have been intuitively picked- trust that the one you pick is the one for you!


While these candles do not solve or magically change your outward circumstances, they carry a powerful supportive energy to help you move through with grace and strength. Don't be surprised if they help change your perspective and roll in your circumstances. May they help you to sense your strength within, and support your journey and joy!

Peace and Acceptance

SKU: Magick2
  • Scent: Sundara

    Size: 6oz

    Burn time: 27 Hours

    Suggested Use: These are special candles perfect for sacred spaces. Use them for meditation or self care routines! Also great for winding down after the day or prepping your energy to show up for your day! Please play special attention to these candles as they do have extra elements that may be flamable. Keep your wicks clipped and remove any elements that are affecting burn quality.