An elegant riders cup decorated with ornamental roses, eucalyptus, rock salt, and glitter. These stunning elements are symbolic for healing, clarity, peace, protection, love, and grounding. Increase your self love while filling your home with joy!

Peaceful Offering

  • Scent: Black Tie

    Burn time: plenty. This is a large glass bowl. You'll get well over 100 hours!

    Suggested Use: A candle this size and this beautiful deserves to be in the spotlight! Use in a large space to honor it's size: try coffee tables, masterbedrooms or master baths, kitchen areas, patio seating or dining room tables. Bring to a well visited area- fill that space with love, protection, clarity, healing, peace, and natural beauty.

    How to use: This decorative peice needs just a tad more attention! As the wax melts, the floral ornaments will move- please be attentive to the eucalyptus as it's very dry. Please also pay attention to the frosted crystals: make sure they don't fall on the wick and blow out the flame! Take extra care of your wicks by clipping and straightening them after each burn session and always feel free to take out any elements that are getting in the way of your burn.