Cleanse and clear your mind and soul with this Free Spirit creation. 

This candle has been adorned with:

  • hairy sunflower for increased health
  • nodding thistle for strength and protection
  • selenite and pink Himalayan salt for self love and energy cleansing,
  • yellow and purple glitter for divination and enhancing your inner divinity
  • eucalyptus for grounding and health support. 

Rest and Rejuvenate

  • Scent: Free Spirit

    Size: 20oz

    Burn time: 100+ hours

    Suggested Use: To cleanse and rejuvenate the spirit, use this candle whenever you're feeling drained and just cant seem to figure out why. Use it during meditation or after a long day out-and-about interacting with people in the midst of the hustle & bustle. Maybe use it during a bath after that family event or community project or conference. I enjoy using candles like this after I have been giving space and energy to others. This candle is perfect for anyone, but counselors, teachers, health workers, care takers, managers, etc will find it particularly welcome in their self care routines. 

    Warning: Flowers may catch fire. Magick candles require a little more love and attention- never leave candle unattended. If flowers get too close to the flame, simply move them or take them out and set beside the candle. Their magical properties exist inside or outside of the candle. Please keep wicks trimmed and the candle away from drafty areas. Treat it with respect love and care as it's taking such great care of you!

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