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Set the vibe high on the go with this 100% natural body perfume.


We've hand combined almond oil with our therapeutic grade scented oils ensuring perfuming your aesthetic doesn't get much better than this. Your skin will experience the difference and you'll notice all the compliments!


Therapeutic uses:

Feeling home sick? A little stressed? Working toward big goals?

Use this roll on as an aromatherapy brain trainer! Take a deep breath in and feel instantly centered. 

Roll on Body Oil

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
  • Scent: We recommend trying our signature body oil scent "Kashmir." However, it's truly your choice! Browse our scent selection HERE

    Size: 2oz

    Life Span: 2-6 months depending on frequency of use

    Suggested Use: Just a roll or two on your neck and wrists will satisfy your signature fashion needs. Great to keep in your bag, fanny pack, pocket, car, etc. Please keep out of extended direct sun or heat exposure to preserve the almond oil. Give as a gift, or purchase a few in different scents to try before buying a full size. 

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