These thrifted 1876 Cape Cod Avon wine glasses have been upcycled into powerful magickal experiences! Sustainable and wonderful. 


This set has been designed to deepen your connection with your self or another. Divine communion and self love! Complete with suggested use instructions and an affirmation card!


You want these candles if:

  • You're wanting to deepen the relationship between you and another
  • You're practicing self love and looking to expand those limits
  • You're working on productive communication skills
  • You want to enhance your divine connection with others
  • You're seeking more gratitude in your relationship
  • You're looking to enhance your intimacy with another or others


While these candles may not solve or magically change your outward circumstances, they carry a powerful supportive energy to help you move through with grace and strength. Don't be surprised if they help change your perspective which in turn just may alter your circumstances. May this candle bring good wishes and more joy into your life!



Ruby Red Avon Glasses (Moon Magick)

  • Scent: Moon Magick (Black Cypress + Cassis + Fireside)

    Size: 4oz each

    Burn time: 18+ hours

    Suggested Use: This candle is best utilized during spiritual practices or times of intimate connection or conversation.  Set your intentions to embrace unconditional love and release ego stories or victim programs- light this candle during meditation, intention settings, while you're reading, while you're doing shadow work or internal reflection, during yoga and or breathework, or during times of sexual intimacy. Allow your intuition to guide your usage too!