This vintage vessel has been upcycled into a powerful magickal experience! Sustainable and wonderful. 


Inspired by current events, this candle is a part of a special collection designed to remind you that heaven on earth is accessable within. The Golden age is a time of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity - and so is this candle. Complete with suggested use instructions and an affirmation card!


You want this candle if:

  • You're wanting to feel comfort in the unpredictable 
  • You're practicing self love and looking to expand those limits
  • You're seeking energtic clarity 
  • You want to enhance your spiritual protection
  • You're welcoming abundance 
  • You desire seeing more gratitude all around you
  • You're looking to live your life through your heart
  • You're working on trusting yourself fully 
  • You welcome and desire full self autonomy 
  • You want to attract deep meaningful relationships
  • You're ready to let go of the old and welcome the new


While these candles may not solve or magically change your outward circumstances, they carry a powerful supportive energy to help you move through with grace and strength. Don't be surprised if they help change your perspective which in turn just may alter your circumstances. May this candle bring good wishes and more joy into your life!



Ruby Red Sugar Glass (Renaissance)