We have transformed this sugar glass into a magickal tool for balancing your sacral chakra and supporting your surrender to the present moment. 


Complete with an affirmation card and palo santo to clear your energy!


You need this candle if:

  • you desire to bring balance to your emotional responses
  • you desire to let go of things that don't work for you any more
  • you want to incorperate more trust into your life and let go of fear
  • you desire to ignite more passion into your creation
  • you want to create healthy boundaries in your life
  • you would like to value your body more
  • you desire to get out of your own way
  • you desire to let who you truly are flourish 
  • you want to trust your inner guidance and intuition
  • you want to bring more receptive yin energy into your life
  • you're ready to let go of control and allow more free flow into your life



While these candles may not solve or magically change your outward circumstances, they carry a powerful supportive energy to help you move through with grace and strength. Don't be surprised if they help change your perspective which in turn just may alter your circumstances. May this candle bring good wishes and more joy into your life!

Sacral Chakra Expansion (Half Baked Studded Sugar Glass)

  • Scent: Half Baked: Like a fresh baked cookie! Eggnog + Toasted Vanilla Spice

    Size: 6oz

    Burn time: 27+ hours

    Suggested Use: This candle is best utilized during spiritual practices or times of solitude and reflection. Yes, its great to also use when in the company of others! Set your intentions for a healthy sacral chakra and surrender- light this candle during meditation, intention settings, while you're reading, while you're doing shadow work or internal reflection, during yoga and or breathework, or during times of sexual intimacy. Allow your intuition to guide your usage too!