Give The Gift of Self Care this year! Complete with an intoxicating body oil and a handcrafted medicinal lip balm. Created and packaged by our hands and those of Tina from Tina's Wild Apothecary! If you're looking for an exclusive and meaningful gift, this is it. Let us know what you would like the card to say below! 


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*** Warning *** Our body oils contain therapeutic grade scented oils and are made with an almond oil base. We are not responsible for gifts given to others with allergies to our ingredients. Please make sure your receiver is not sensitive to pine, rose, lavender, camomile etc. Let us know below if your receiver has any allergies or sensitivities we should be aware of. Thank you! 

Self Care Bundle

  • Scent: Your Choice

    Size:  4oz Body Oil, standard sized lip blam

    Suggested Use: If you love our products and want to give the gift of Juls to your loved one, this is the box for you. Great for someone who's into or transitioning to all natural and organic beauty products (as we all should)! These products will last their receiver anywhere from 1-6 months, depending of course on how much self control they have ;)