Every month I pull an archetype card from The Wild Unknown deck for some insight on the month's energy. These candles are crafted in magic ritual to support the available energies. Each one has been adorned with crystals/stones, herbs, colors and spices to enhance whatever intention I'm channeling. Not only are these candles powerful energetic tools, they are also the best candles you will ever smell! The wax and scents have been perfected for over 20 years <3

This month's theme was The Storm (if you're coming across this now, that means The Storm fits into your life currently regardless of when I pulled the card. These energies are timeless! Trust that you're seeing this for a reason.)

The Storm: "The Chaos, the whirlwind, the disorder. Possessing an energy much like the tarot's Tower card, the storm undoes all that is. Everything that was solid, known, and relied upon is stripped away by the winds of fate. The ground becomes the sky, the sky becomes the center, and then the center disappears. The storm is a great equalizer- no matter how far we've come on the path, no matter our age, wealth, or wisdom- we can't hide from it's savage winds. Their disturbing howls stir anxiety and make it impossible to see and think straight. You must wait it out. If you try to fight The Storm, you will lose. A better option is to seek temporary shelter and a reliable friend. When all else fails, go within. There, for a moment, you settle into the eye of The Storm."

The Storm is a great equalizer- it is the result of precarious conditions in your life and ultimately brings a rebalancing. To support this cleansing energy this candle has been adorned with elements colored and representative of the chakra system.
Root chakra: red glitter, himalayan sea salt (grounding, centering, abundance),
Sacral chakra: Calendula brings sun energy, healing, strength, love, dreamwork and spiritual growth. It's element is fire.
Solar Plexus chakra: yellow glitter (personal power), camomile ("may all your wishes and dreams come true," rest and relaxation, "energy in the face of adversity"
Heart Chakra: Late Boneset (fixing, mending, strengthening), blackberry leaves (healing, money, protection)
Throat Chakra: an assortment of crystals and stones to open whatever needs to be communicated with you or from you with others
Third Eye: the entire candle supports opening your energy to seeing the truth behind these stormy circumstances, and ground yourself in trusting the process.
Crown Chakra: Lavender (silence, devotion serenity, grace, calmness), nodding thistle (strength, protection, hex breaking)

While these candles do not solve or magically change your outward circumstances, they carry a powerful supportive energy to help you move through with grace and strength. Don't be surprised if they help change your perspective and roll in your circumstances. May they help you to sense your strength within, and support your surrender to the process of The Storm!

The Storm: Seashell White 16oz

  • Scent: Renaissance (Black Cypress & Cassis)

    Size: 16oz

    Burn time: 72+ Hours

    Suggested Use: Use this candle in your sacred spaces. A zen room, altar, prayer space, by your bathtub or in your bathing space in general. Embody the energy of inner piece as you syncronize your flicker with it's flame.