Release your favorite aroma without a flame! Simply melt in an electric wax melter for the Juls experience. Add an oil to enhance and refresh your scent as the scent potency naturally decreases from use. Each order comes with a set of 3 wax melts.


One set of 3 + an oil = Free Shipping!


Wax Melts

  • Scent: Your choice

    Suggested Use: Find an electric wax melter, plug and play! Bathrooms, closet spaces. hallways, living spaces, kitchens- anywhere you can find an outlet, you can use this wax melt. 

    Add an oil to your order to maintain scent potency! Since the wax is under a consistent heat without a flame, the oil naturally burns off before the wax- add a few drops of oil to combat these effects and get the most use of your wax!