Get into the spirit of autumn with these fall inspired diffusers! Decorate your home with the colors of the leaves and the aroma of changing seasons. 


Each is filled with HOTTIE TOTTIE: Hottie Tottie harmonizes sweet, creamy eggnog with healing, grounding eucalyptus. It's the earthy twist to your sweet tooth you didn't know you were missing! Amazing in all of our products- try it in a linen spray, or soap if you haven't already.

Hot Tottie Autumn Diffusers

  • Scent: Hottie Tottie

    Size: 5oz

    Longevity: Honestly.. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Reed diffusers will last you years!

    How to use: This product will arrive in segments. Simply pour the oil into the decorative bottle, and place the reeds inside. Voila! You're all set

    Suggested Use: Reed diffusers are both elegant, fashionable and functional. Each one brings a pop of color to your space and is safe in environments that don't allow flames (aka candles). Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see where we like to use our diffusers (or a quick Pintrest search of "reed diffuser decor" will help with inspiration)!

    Tips and Tricks: It's recommended that you flip the reeds once a week or every other week! This will help keep the scent potent and your smile wide!

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