Hey hot mom- or should I say MUM?!


Do you enjoy sharing your life with others? Do you find yourself posting about your accomplishments on social media or talking about your ventures in open conversations with people you sometimes don't know that well? Yeah, us too! 


That's why I've created these anit-hexing candles! In honor of Halloween, but also because you deserve to be protected, these candles have been crafted to break any negativity wished upon you by someone else. And yes, people do this over social media too! No, they aren't your one step solution to protecting yourself (and no, I'm not claiming that they will break curses etc), but with the visualization provided in the suggested use section we are protecting your energy much more effectively with these handcrafted tools!


This candle has been adorned with: 

  • Nodding Thistle: anti-hexing, strength and protection
  • Rough Blazing Star: promoting happiness and joy as you take your power back
  • Yellow Aster: Optimism and positive energy support
  • Purple Aster: to call in divination and wisdom
  • Roses: Cultivating a deep sense of self love and comfort in your emotions
  • Camomile: Calming anxiety
  • An assortment of intuitively placed and selected stones and crystals
  • Late Boneset: for mending, regenerating and strengthening
  • Yellow glitter: to heighten intuition and personal power center
  • Purple Glitter: Calling protection from divine sources
  • Pink Himalayan Salt: Cleansing the space of negative energy 

Youz a Hot Mummy!

  • Scent: Pumpkin Pie Spice 

    Size: 10 oz 

    Burn Time: 40+ hours

    Suggested use: Protect yourself and your space by lighting this candle. Use when sharing to social media, during meditation and energetic cord cutting, while you're getting ready for bed or for the day. When smelling this candle, envision all your energy put into conversations, social media posting, your crafts etc coming back to you. As the aroma unfolds, imagine that scent creating a protective bubble around you- keeping your energy in and rejecting others from entering your space. Imagine your mind and your heart becoming detached from anyone who may make you feel small, unworthy, unloved, or just plain wrong- and as the flame continues to burn imagine that flame within you growing stronger and brighter with self love, personal power, confidence and protection. 

    Warning: Flowers may catch fire. Magick candles require a little more love and attention- never leave candle unattended. If flowers get too close to the flame, simply move them or take them out and set beside the candle. Their magical properties exist inside or outside of the candle. Please keep wicks trimmed and the candle away from drafty areas. Treat it with respect love and care as it's taking such great care of you!

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