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"Have Better Sex" Affirmations and Journaling Prompts

"Have Better Sex" candles have been inspired by our own journeys healing our sacral chakras! While they will promote fun and healthy sexual experiences, their healing goes far beyond the bedroom. The sacral chakra holds the keys to unlimited creativity and deep emotion. These candles will help to clear stuck energy from your lifetime and past, attune your sacral chakra to whatever healthy sexuality means to you, will help you become more aware of codependency patterns so you can avoid attaching to others, and will boost your passionate fire deep within this power center.


These candles have been made with:

  • natural orange coloring to vibrate healthy sacral chakra energy

  • multicolored glitter to promote more fun in the bedroom and inspired creative ideas

  • Persian Silk Tree for freedom from loneliness, love, protection and purification

  • Rose Hips for feminine, Venus and water energy, love, healing and luck

  • Butterfly weed for love, lust, luck, peace and healing

  • Hairy Sunflower for fire energy, happiness, integrity, luck and loyalty

  • Spiny Sowthistle for Mars, masculine and fire energy, endurance, unity, hex-breaking and victory

  • Rose Quartz for love and gentleness

  • Clear Quartz to hold all intentions.


I light this candle with gratitude. I thank it's light for guiding me to ultimate sacral chakra health and my highest good expression. I thank it's fire for lighting my passions and nurturing healthy passion in those around me. I thank it's warmth for stimulating my creativity. I open myself to easily receiving inspiration from it's vibrant color. With this candle's support, I open my sacral chakra to healthy emotional expression and sexual experiences. I ask for healthy boundaries around my sacral center as protection from taking on the other's energy as my own. With the help from this candle and it's magick, I am now cleared of any traumas from this lifetime and past that are no longer serving my ultimate joy and fulfillment. I accept that this clearing may be a process and I trust that I am supported in the process being easy and graceful. I light this candle with the intentions of taking full responsibility for my sacral health and wellbeing.

Journaling Prompts

Please take your time with these journaling prompts. Each question has 3 questions within. The more often you explore these questions. the clearer you'll be on how to live into your healthiest, fullest sacral expression. 

1. Do I feel like I have a healthy relationship to my creative energy? To my sexual energy? To my emotions?

2. What do I think is getting in my way of having a healthy creative outlet? To sexually expressing myself? To owning and expressing my emotional experience?

3. What do I dream to explore creatively? How do I envision myself in my healthiest and fullest sexual expression? What would my life look like if I were unafraid to express my emotions and follow my feelings more authentically? 

4. What's one step I can take this week to step into one of my dreams from #3? Start with something very small and make it a non-negotiable action! This is your new biggest priority for this week. Pick whatever dream feels most important in this moment.

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