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Phase I Complete

Juls has settled in the new space and is back in business!

We are still taking online orders so don't miss out. Expect new options for our "candle making kits", sales on scents that we are going to 86, and other items so you can get more of what you like and need when you need it.

Phase II will involve finding Johns Creek retail stores interested in carrying the Juls brand and to expand our web presence.

***We will post a "Pour it yourself Tutorial" video before Phase II, and more options online over the next 30 days.****

Good things come in threes! Phase III will be the announcement of our CUSTOM ORDER PROCESS. We know how important that is and will not neglect it.

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased on the website and who has stayed in contact with us during our transition!

NOTE: We know that our phone number has been offline for the past few weeks. We found out that despite our vendor supporting the surrounding area, they didn't have enough bandwidth to set us up and we await a construction crew to lay more fiber. If something doesn't break in the next few days we will look at other vendors to service the phone. Our phone number will remain the same: 678-947-5272. Until then, please use the website or Facebook to message the angels..

Party on Wayne!

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