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What in the world are blocks???

Are you looking for a way to get your candles refilled or fill your own vessel with Juls Candles? Do you have warmers that you would LOVE to fill with Juls Candles wax instead of those other basic brands?

Well that's what Juls' blocks are all about!

Our blocks are literally blocks of your favorite candles sent to your home with the correct sized wicks so you can pour your own candles whenever you need them.

Blocks can also be broken into smaller pieces and put into warmers so you can smell Juls candles anywhere.

Best part about the blocks? You can stock up on them and never have to wait for your refills. PLUS wherever you store them will smell amazing!

Simply having the blocks in your home gives you the feeling of being at the candle shop!

Stuff pieces of wax in your shoe closet, in your sock drawer, under your bathroom sink, or even a safe place in the car so when the summer sun heats up your wax, your whole car smells like the scents you love!

Find our blocks here

And find our blocks on SALE here

For a video tutorial on how to pour your own candles, check out this throwback video of Juls!

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