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How to make your wax LAST

Extend the Life of your Candle

Juls Candles are made with specific raw materials and measurements to guarantee the longest lasting candle you can buy, but did you know there are some simple tricks to ensure that length? Or even extend it?

Use these tricks to extend the life of even your favorite scents!

Well unless of course your totally addicted to it and have to have it burning more often than not like the rest of us...

Keep the Wick/s trim:

To create a slower burn, trim your wicks about 1/4 inch before lighting. If the wick is too long, it can burn too hot and too quickly. Check out some wick trimmers on Amazon by clicking the picture above, or stop buy the shop to grab for a quick pick up!

Tear up:

Look for a teardrop shape in the flame. This indicates that the candle is burning at the right temperature. If it flickers (we know it looks pretty) or smokes wildly, put it out, let it cool, trim (if needed), and relight.

First time:

The first time is important! For a good, clean burn avoid extinguishing the candle until the wax pool that forms close to the wick almost reaches the outer edge of the candle. This really is a rule of thumb for every burn, but especially the initial burn. Then, blow it out and let it set.

Avoid the tunnel:

Juls prides themselves on an even burn (AKA no ugly tunnels). But just to be sure, use the diameter as the guide for burning time. For instance, burn a candle that is four inches in diameter for four hours.

Beware the Draft:

Drafts can make candles flicker and wax burn erratically, so it's best to keep them in a less breezy setting.

Storage space:

If you're burning your candles outside during the summer months, bring them inside when they aren't in use to prevent uneven melting and resetting!

With these techniques plus our Juls Candles recipe, you should enjoy 40 hours of burn time with 8oz candles and 90+ hours with 12oz and more!

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