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Please enjoy this throwback of our fabulous Juls showing you how to pour your own Juls Candles.

Remember... order our BLOCKS online! Stock up on your favorite scents and pour the wax into all of your favorite vessels! Your order comes with the wax, wicks, and directions on how to pour the candles.


1. Safely clean out your vessel and clear it of old wax, dust, or remaining liquids

2. Place tinfoil under your pouring area to prevent making a mess!

3. Double boil the wax blocks to prevent temperatures from getting to high

4. Place the wix when the wax has cooled enough at the bottom to create something for the metal piece to stick into

5. Make sure you're putting enough wicks for the size of the vessel. Generally you want one wick for every cubic inch of wax (imagine 1 inch-1.5 inch out from the wick in every direction)

6. Allow the vessel to air dry for a few hours before topping off. We like to give it a full day or almost a full day. Maybe pour your candles in the evening and top them off in the morning or vice versa! Try to refrain from placing the candle in the freezer. Patience.

7. Make sure to straighten the wix and reposition in the center before the first pour is all of the way set. Don't worry about it looking messy... you will be topping it off for looks

8. Please clip the wicks as you burn the candle and burn for long enough the first time for the entire top layer to melt. For more information on how to make your wax last longer visit THIS blog post!

Can your vessels hold wax? Do you know how much wax your vessel needs?

See Juls explain how to do all of this on our FILLING YOUR VESSEL blog post HERE and keep your eyes peeled for our updated version of the pouring video!

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