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A Gentle Reminder of why you love Juls Candles

Good Friday Morning everyone!

This is Molly. I am Juls’ daughter and I have chosen to help carry on my mom’s candle business as she moves into retirement. I wanted to take this moment to remind you of something you may have forgotten in not only our transitions, but your own shifting lives as well.

I want to take you back to when you were first introduced to the candle shop…. The first time you met Juls and the lovely ladies that worked in the shop. Remember the first candle you received from the heart of my mother….

Now open your eyes and your heart as I tell you the truth:

Juls dedicated not only her life but her soul to her candle shop. She dedicated her blood, sweat, and tears to provide not just a product, but a mindset of love and acceptance to people of all walks of life through her products and her store. A place of friendship and peace and creativity. She literally sucked her soul dry for her candle shop forgetting to love her self in the process. She gave all of her love away and left none for herself… but I believe deep down she knew that her effort would make an impact on someone… and even if she doesn’t realize… her effort has made an impact on many of you.

Do not forget that her candles are her legacy.

If Juls has ever made and impact on you, by choosing her candles you burn her love. You burn her passion and compassion for others… you literally illuminate your home with her soul.

Her candles don’t need a store to spread a story. They are the story. They are everything you are looking for in a product and more.

Whenever we light a Juls Candle, we are creating a memory that we will relive every time that candle is re-lit.

We are making an unspoken connection with a community who shares the same love for the same product and uses the product with the same intention.

We are demonstrating self-love every time we light that candle for which we handpicked the scent to fit our needs and desires.

And we are giving that love to others by gifting them with the same satisfaction we get from the flicker of the flame.

Thank you all again for sticking with Juls Candles. I know it’s hard to let go of the past.. but the future is bright! We still carry the scents and products you love; And although online seems more distant, you are closer to Juls now more than ever.

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