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Block Party Scent List

Thanks to everyone who has tuned in for our block party sale! Don't forget that all blocks are 40% off through this month.

Don't know what some of the scents are? Yeah.. neither do we. But that's the creative process right?

Here is a list of the scents we DO know for sure!

  • Memories- Pine, Apple Jack, Candy Cane

  • Hazelnut

  • Mountain High- Patchouli, Christmas Tree

  • Hot Baked Apple- Hot Baked Apple, Eggnog

  • Cubana- Lavender, Chai, Tobacco Leaf, Sunflower

  • Green Tea Renaissance- Green Tea, Black Currant, Cypress

  • Hummingbird- China Rain, Cucumber Fresh

  • Orange Crush- Mandarin Orange

  • Tangerine Dream- Tangerines

  • Live Laugh Love- Liliac, oatmeal honey, Tobacco Leaf, Oil of the Holiday

  • Jelly Bean- Pomegranate

  • Enchanted Forest- Volcano, Lavender, Pine Balsam

  • Gypsy Daydream- China Rain, Renaissance

  • Sage- Sage and citrus

  • Spicy Juls- Butterfly, Pumpkin Pie Spice

  • Summer Sorbet

  • Vermont Woods- Pine Balsam

  • Fireside- Pine Balsam, Pumpkin Pie Spice

  • Butterfly

  • Angels Whisper- Oil of the Holiday

  • Baby Jane- Key lime, Eggnog

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