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Jenna's Collection

A few days ago we received news that a dear family friend was in the ICU.

Jenna, a young mother of two, recently experienced a stroke much too early in life. She is strong, driven, inspired, lively, loving, and full of laughter. It was and still is a surprise.

Scrolling through her brother, Christopher's, Facebook for updates and inspiration on what to include in this blog, I came across a post where he asked his friends and family to mention a memory or simply share loving words and wishes for Jenna.

79 comments and counting.

Just through Facebook you could see she had touched 79 lives enough for detailed comments, loving wishes, happy words and forever memories.

And I know that this is only a small portion of the lives she has truly made an impact on. Simply meeting her a few times, she took a space in my heart. Beautiful was the first word that came to mind when I met her.. She’s the kind of person you always want to be around... so happy and funny… the friend you can rely on… the sister and daughter that’s always there… a mother to raise strong and beautiful women.

Sometimes life brings unexpected turns, but it's times like these when we realize what matters most. Coming together and helping each other. Living and spreading compassion. Every bit counts.

Juls Candles is playing its part and dedicating its newly released scent to Jenna. An exclusive frosted glass, room spray, sample package and our first ever essential oil.

All products are filled with Lavender Fields to promote peace and hope through this time for her and her family. As the way life usually unfolds, this scent was created to be vibrant, strong... to feel like love and care;

Ironically or not at all… just like Jenna... so now it’s hers.

The globe lights as a soft glow, patient and kind.

The scent smells refreshing like spring and feels like a warm hug before bed.

But most importantly, a percentage of the proceeds goes directly to Jenna and her family. These products are available through the end of the month and some until her recovery. We will not stop spreading the love until she is well!

Visit our site by clicking the "shop now" button below and see the new line of products.

Everything for her is labeled with her name and tagged Candle with a Cause! Easy peasy and oh so lovely.

But the Glenn story does not stop there.

Christopher Glenn, Jenna’s brother, also has an amazing story. A little over a year ago, the roles were reversed with him in the hospital and Jenna at his side.

Through his experience he created a foundation called The Bottle Share. Please visit the link below by clicking the photo and explore his website. See what it's all about. I highly encourage going to one of his events and following his foundation on social media.

Talk about positivity, grace and love!

There is also an opportunity for you to help Jenna and the Glenn family live their purpose. Follow the link below to donate directly to The Bottle Share <3

Read through the site, donate, and contact them for more information. The Bottle Share is here to help, and so is Juls Candles. Sharing love and light through our purposes together.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this story and contributes through Juls and/or The Bottle Share.

We love you Jenna!

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