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Introducing... Cultivate

Juls Candles is proud to announce ANOTHER CANDLE FOR A CAUSE!

Introducing... Cultivate

A little background on how we found cultivate:

An accident.. or perhaps not at all. I was given the idea by Juls to contact "Cultivate;" She knew the owners and thought it would be a good place to sell our candles.

So I researched Cultivate Atlanta on google and found Cultivate Gathering and Counseling. I immediately fell in love with the mission and ideals of Cultivate Atlanta, so I reached out via email to schedule a call regarding how Juls Candles could become involved. I mentioned my mom, Juls, by saying that she had met the owners and loved what they were doing through Cultivate.

Mazi responded with open arms to involving the candles so we scheduled our first call...

I told my mom with so much excitement! I didn't know how we were going to involve the candles, but I knew I wanted to be a part of what Cultivate was doing. Within 10 minutes of our conversation, my mom said that I had contacted the wrong Cultivate! She knew the owners of Cultivate Food and Coffee in Atlanta not of Cultivate Atlanta!

I was embarrassed, but actually more excited because we had been given a different kind of opportunity simply by chance!

After speaking with Mazi for over an hour, we shared our missions and where our companies came from. I shared the lifetime of shifts, battles and successes my mom has had with Juls, and she shared her background, her business, and what her ideas were for the future. Magic was happening.

Mazi always wanted a candle scent to express her mission. She has always wanted to give her clients and gathering attendees something to purchase and remember their experiences and goals by.

Juls and I share a love for helping other businesses with positive missions express themselves through scent... to create scents that reflects their essence and give them a resource to raise money and continue their causes.

Together Mazi, Juls and I accomplished our first goal.

On May 2nd 2019 Cultivate had a gathering where every attendee got to take home a Juls Candle specifically formulated by the three of us in a beautiful glass jar.

Mazi and her attendees were ecstatic. Days later Mazi received messages about how wonderful the scent was.

Now, the scent is available online at Juls Candles. Every purchase of this scent donates money to Cultivate and their services.

So what is Cultivate?

Cultivate is a gathering to cultivate joy, courage and freedom in the lives of women. Gatherings happen every couple of months. It's an opportunity for sharing, worship, community and love.Inspirational speakers are invited to inspire and encourage strong women to cultivate their spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness.

Cultivate is also a resource for counselling services. Cultivate counseling provides every woman access to excellent counseling services and the opportunity to experience freedom from old hurts and habits. No matter your past, no matter your economic status, no matter your present circumstances, if you crave a change in your life, Cultivate can help.

For more information on the wonderful missions of Cultivate Atlanta, please visit their website by clicking the button below.

Also follow Cultivate on Instagram and Facebook: @cultivateatlanta to keep up to date on gatherings

Thank you to Cultivate for helping us help you make your dreams come true!

Shop Cultivate today!

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