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New Moon in Capricorn: Intentional Plans and Action

WOW! You did it! You've made it through another cycle of lessons and integration. Look at you go!

I hope you've enjoyed the increase in energy as we moved further away from Scorpio through Sagittarius season, because things are about to feel even better.

Capricorn blesses us this month with motivation and insight to turn our dreams into concrete goals. Whether you're adjusting your current energy investments to align more to your talents and desires, or if you're changing your direction entirely... Capricorn is here to assist your visions and masculine energy so you can get them done.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the dad energy of our astrological influences. Saturn seeks concrete accomplishment, real attainment, structure, methods and completion while Capricorn is all about taking initiative. Overall the vibe for this New Moon is one of aligned thoughts, emotions, feelings and aspirations! What a blessing.

With Mars retrograde still influencing our experience, patience will be a virtue when it comes to actually taking action. Try not to get too frustrated if you try making things happen and they don't work out. If possible use this energy to create the plans and allow the call to action to guide you. We know... waiting is the hardest part.

Luckily, taking things slow usually helps us to consider all possibilities and what actions will be most worth our time and effort.

Some other themes you might experience include boundary setting, your public image, family and home experience, or self identity.

Specifically in my experience, I'm noticing the concrete boundaries I need to set in my home life to achieve my professional goals but also the boundaries I need to set about my personal/professional goals with myself so that I can attend to my home life in the ways I want to and need to.

If you want to discover or discuss how this energy is showing up for you, then you must join us December 20th at Seven Stone Collective for our New Moon Manifestation and Candle Making Class!

You can sign up by clicking the link below <3


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