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New Moon in Scorpio and How to not be Scared

Some people run when they hear the word "Scorpio" mentioned. Scorpio people are said to be mean and spiteful. I've heard many women say they hate Scorpio men and plenty of people warn not to get on a Scorpio's bad side.

Scorpios are mystified to be intense, mysterious, hard to read and dark. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto deeply interweaving them with the underworld. They are the deep life divers, and own the death and rebirth process. It's the death archetype that unknowingly turns people away because ultimately that is what causes change... and if you know anything about human nature, you'll recognize that there is a survival part of us that really doesn't like change.

And yes, this is why Scorpios can be off putting to some. Just their presence acts as a mirror into the deepest parts of ourselves that we often want to hide away in the shadows and deny all together. You might notice that big life changes happen for you when you spend extended periods of time around your Scorpio friends, and if you're resistant to that process these changes can be pretty tumultuous. Some things you may notice both as a Scorpio and in the presence of your Scorpio friends include:

  • subconscious patterns of behavior that limit you in some way coming into conscious awareness

  • destructive events happening pushing you away from one of your current circumstances

  • remembering the past or recognizing similar past events occuring in your present

  • thoughts coming forward that you never knew you had or were capable of

  • deep emotions surfacing seemingly out of nowhere

  • regrets

  • an awareness of things in your life that are not making you happy

  • the desire to change certain aspects of your life such as your career, relationships, etc

  • an awareness of humanity's shortcomings and mistakes that parallel with your own

  • your own hypocrisy

  • areas in your life where you deny your own truth (such as holding your tongue, saying yes to things you want to say no to, etc)

  • a desire to connect with ancestors or explore your family lineage

  • an awareness of your familial patterns and how you are currently living out those patterns too

Woof. Even looking at that list can be incredibly intimidating.

So here's the secret to looking at these aspects of ourselves and our collective with confidence so you don't have to put these things back in the dark to later learn your lessons a harder way.

The truth is, that all of the things to come up during Scorpio transits or in the presence of Scorpionic energy are not your fault

and the shame or other uncomfortable emotions you may feel, are only temporary and mean nothing about the truth

of who you are.

All books and further resources are listed at the end of this blog. This is a simple intuitive summation of some "darkness" you may face. The real list is much longer and personal than I can cover in this blog post, however beginning to explore one of these topics will ultimately lead you to the information you need.

At every point in your life you have always done the absolute best you could with what you knew at the time.

  • Any time you've hurt another has been out of your own fear and attempt to control your environment from hurting you again. This can be healed through inner child exploration and accepting your past as real, but not as a determinant of your future. It was never your fault, and what happened to you is only an opportunity to take responsibility for your growth and therefore your life. For information about inner child work, I suggest listening to Christine Hassler's podcast "Over it and on With it" and reading her book "Expectation Hangover."

  • Any time you have let yourself down is nothing to continually shame yourself about. Not following through on what may help move your life forward is usually an attempt at staying safe! So you can thank your fear for caring about and protecting you. "Self sabotage" is not a bad thing... it's an attempt at controlling your outcomes because if you know what to expect, then you never have to face the unexpected. Interesting right?! I had a lot of fun exploring this within myself... in fact I discovered I was preventing myself from taking action because a part of me feared the responsibility of being successful! Isn't that curious?! This pattern can be healed through updating your knowledge on thought loops and emotions, and some time spent with emotional processing practices. The information part is easily accessible in books like "How to do the Work" and "Expectation Hangover." If you would like support with emotional processing, we recommend Reiki healing because sometimes you just need someone else to help get the emotional movement started. Beliefs like being unworthy or not good enough are actually incredibly common belief systems to hold. Letting yourself down can also be a signal that you're holding a subconscious belief that you're not good enough or worthy of receiving your dreams. The feelings this belief brings up are real and may affect us all slightly differently, but you're not alone in carrying it. I suggest using some EFT tapping to help clear this belief because baby... you are totally good enough and worthy of living your life exactly how you want to.

  • Any time you've been a hypocrite, you were simply being human because life is a paradox. All things are true at the same time. Any time you have denied someone else their truth, it was because part of yours is also denied by you. Anytime you have judged another has been a mirror to view what you judge yourself for most harshly. Every interaction is a growing opportunity for you AND the other, and every mistake is an opportunity to love yourself more fully through forgiveness and change of action. Everytime you see a judgement is an opportunity for you to accept yourself more fully and love yourself more deeply for your humanness. This wisdom is integrated through experience and practice. To begin, simply observe your actions and others without judgement. Again, this is a practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. You are not bad for doing any of these things. Can you find it a little funny?

Scorpio is an energy in which we can more easily see ourselves and make changes accordingly. If we do not know that we hold a belief of not being good enough, we may find ourselves somewhat stuck in someone else's shadow or not believing that we are capable of more. If we do not see that we are harshly judging ourselves, we may continue to experience depression, anxiety, and/or an underlying feeling that happiness is always somewhere else and or not meant for us. We may even continue to experience hatred toward others or experiencing unsuccessful relationships because without accepting ourselves for who, we are we are unable to accept others for who they are too.

While in the moment it may be uncomfortable, Scorpio is the gift of change! When we see, we can change and when we see that we are capable of change, we are free to own our lives and create the life of our dreams.

So thank you Scorpio! And all of your dark gifts!

To make the most of this New Moon energy, we suggest getting in touch with your dark side. In a fun and playful way that is!

  • Wear colors like black and deep purples.

  • Use stones like Labradorite, Malachite, Rhodochrosite, Smokey Quartz, Citrine, Sodalite and Amethyst.

  • Eat pomegranates

  • Use Coriander and Basil in your recipes

  • Burn some white sage

  • Drink some nettle teas

  • Burn Wicked, Redwood Dreamer, Baroness, Twisted Sage or Pumpkin Pie Spice

  • Meditate on the moon or pluto

And if you feel called, take some time to answer these journaling prompts:

  1. Can you let go of any controlling, obsessive or extreme behaviors that no longer serve you?

  2. What can you contribute to the world that will add value to the lives around you?

  3. What beliefs are placing limitations on you taking full ownership of the direction of your life?

  4. What in your life needs space to grow - without you trying to control everything.

  5. What makes you feel truly alive, and is that something you're able to prioritize?

As promised here is my list of recommended resources. We hope you take the time to enjoy and explore what you feel excited about. There are infinite resources out there, so if you have a question feel confident that you will be lead to the answer.

  • Christine Hassler: Author, Life Coach, and a true badass. Her and her husband specialize in childhood trauma, inner child healing, relationship coaching etc. Her podcast is called "Over it and On With it" and can be found on all podcast platforms. Her book is called "Expectation Hangover" and is a must read for people of any age.

  • Dr. Nicole LePera is known as The Holistic Psychologist on instagram! She is the Author of "How To Do the Work" which is a very constructive book about how to get started understanding the in depth concepts I alluded to in this blog post. Also a must read for everyone at any age

  • The reiki healer I cannot recommend enough can be found HERE >>> I experience exactly what I need in every session and she's always a joy to talk to. She is also a well of knowledge and resources so you can continue your information exploration as you tap deeper into yourself

  • Here are some of my favorite tapping videos, but first an awesome podcast about what tapping is and why it works. You'll love it

  • And last but not least, here is an article I found containing all the stones mentioned above and what they are good for

We hope this blog has helped you feel more confident about Scorpio energy or at least given you somewhere to start building that confidence.

We are hosting a candle making class tomorrow at 7:30pm at Seven Stone Collective that will be centered around the new moon in scorpio and setting intentions around its power! Come visit us for a wonderful meditation. Please contact ahead of time to see if we can add more candles.... with such late notice, we cannot guarantee you a candle to make however it would still be fun to attend and take part of!


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