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New Moon Sagittarius: Expand Into the Rebirth

The New Moon in Sagittarius is right around the corner… and honestly thank goodness! This New Moon along with the other astrological influences happening around it’s timing, are giving us an expanded viewpoint on our past and where we’ve come from while also offering good luck and optimism about what’s to come.

You may have noticed a high energy surge around the New Moon in Scorpio followed by continued insight and divine synchronicities. These downloads are commonly known as “AH HA!” moments pointing you in a new direction or presenting you with solutions to long time questions or struggles. I’ve known many people to make massive career shifts, end relationships, end a long term pattern of behavior or who have suddenly lost someone in just the past few weeks. Oddly or maybe not… many of these occurrences happened on or around 11/11.

People are coming into new identities left and right!

Scorpio's Death Process

With these events and decisions comes the need to let the old versions of ourselves die. That’s where we’ve found ourselves from 11/11 until now. Some of us have experienced increased emotional sensitivity, fatigue, increased anxiety, rage, or an all around sense of being lost or depressed. While it’s certainly uncomfortable it’s not an uncommon thing to feel after the high from some clarity and new decision making. The uncomfortability is the death process as we shed old parts of ourselves. To our psyche, part of our identity is literally dying and we experience the pain of that loss mentally, emotionally and physically as our body recalibrates for the new version of you.

The death process again.. Is normal. There is nothing wrong with you. Likely many people are experiencing the same thing as you at the same time… I know I have been! It’s important to remember that these feelings will pass. To the best of your ability, practice lots of compassion and gentleness with yourself. During the death process it’s a great time to care for your body and to take a step back to listen. It’s less about forcing action and more about listening for what action to take. If you’re in the midst of this process and it’s kind of freaking you out.. Here are a few practices to try and recenter so the waves can crash over you with gentleness, ease and grace.

Discipline is the skill worth exercising during the death cycle. While the old part of you that’s dying off might try and save itself by telling you that none of this is worth your time… I promise these practices are. One or two of them is just fine… but keep doing them even when your brain is saying no. Your body will thank you!

  1. Begin a meditation practice: this can be as simple as sitting in silence for 5 minutes alone in a room while you pay attention to your breath or the sound of your heater/air conditioner. There are also many guided meditations available on Youtube for free. If you would like to begin your meditation practice with us, please send us a message or email so we can invite you to our New Moon Manifestation and Candle Making class meditation virtually! Happening on 11.23 around 7:30

  2. Take an epsom salt bath once a day while listening to chakra cleansing music. This is a sound healing bath… yeah I know it sounds really woo woo. BUT there is a lot of research behind sound healing! All matter holds a vibration. Each of your cells is vibrating at all times. The music will synchronize your cells with the healing frequency and that’s where the magic happens! So it’s science. Also epsom salt baths are straight “cure-alls.” Epsom salt baths help to relieve aching and sore muscles, decrease stress, dose your body with much needed magnesium, improve sleep quality, relieve constipation and actually helps balance your nervous system! Wow. What a great habit to install into your new life!

  3. Change your diet. This only needs to be a temporary experiment. But switching to a whole foods diet or even adding some green juice into your routine will help your body detox and process all of the change that’s happened in and around you. Support your body as it supports the new you by taking care of it with food

  4. Movement. If you’ve been feeling really static, sluggish or anxious… you might have some stuck creative energy wanting to flow. An object in motion will remain in motion. You do not have to spend hours in the gym or even go to the gym at all! 10 minutes of treadmill time should be enough to boost your energy and your confidence. A stretching routine at home, a one month discounted yoga membership, free pilates classes on youtube, walking outside for 15 minutes, jumping on your kids trampoline for 5-10 minutes, starting a burpee challenge with your friends and family, dancing, sex… there are so many ways to get your body moving! All that matters is that there is intention behind it to take care of yourself instead of forcing yourself to do it because you should. You’re MOVING your energy to increase your energy.

  5. Journal. Document how it is you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, or anything else that needs to surface. Allow yourself to stream-of-consciousness write, find some journaling prompts, buy a journal with a sequence of prompts, begin The Artist’s Way, or write some letters to people that you’ll never send. I’m always amazed at how much clarity I receive when I just write some stuff down.

  6. Read or listen to podcasts that intrigue your heart

  7. Talk to a friend or therapist authentically

  8. Start a coaching program

  9. Prioritize your sleep

  10. Say no to commitments and make more space in your schedule

  11. Vice verse: create more plans if you need some socialization

  12. Incorporate a sacred rage practice where you move the anger through your body in a safe space. Not at someone.

  13. Allow yourself to cry

Part of the death process also includes reflecting upon all that’s happened to us and because of us in our past causing some of our pain and shame. Which is why I said thank goodness for the New Moon in Sagittarius!

New Moon in Sagittarius

As I said in the beginning, the New moon in Sagittarius is actually offering us good luck and optimism about what’s to come. Sagittarius will bring a lighter perspective than Scorpio, so we will now have the opportunity to reflect on the silver linings of our experiences. You may receive insight about your new path and a new direction for yourself that’s more aligned with you and your authentic desires. Be aware of new doors that open right now. You don’t have to do anything to receive the insight you need. Set your intentions to find your own truth and be open to all possibilities- however unconventional they may seem.

Mars is still in retrograde until about February. So while you may have some optimism, Mars will slow you down if you try to take action. Now is the time for reflection not action. The action will come. Use your intuition during Sagittarius… wait, listen, respond. There is no rush.

"The intention of this moon phase is to open your mind to different avenues and to help you stop limiting yourself. It’s important to remember that although things may take a while to come together, as long as you keep your mission in your mind's eye, the passage of time can assist you on the journey.

Allow this potent phase to dissolve your worries and concerns around figuring out all the details of how to make your dreams come true, and focus on how you can stretch your imagination and faith to new heights.

Try to avoid being influenced by external noise and pressure.

Becoming more conscious of your instinctive nature helps you naturally gravitate toward what brings you joy, contentment and fulfillment.

Journaling Prompts:

  1. Can you make more time to play and get in touch with your desires?

  2. Does your life have a sense of meaning and purpose? What advice would your future self offer at this point in your journey?

  3. Is there something that you would like to explore that you’ve been putting off?

  4. Do any parts of you fear letting go of control and certainty?

  5. What’s something that you want to do but have never done before?

Use this time to walk through the doors of possibilities and let go of potential fears of what may or may not happen in the future. The future isn’t here yet, but your present actions and thoughts influence how you can move toward your desired outcome." - Credit to The Pattern App

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius babes!

We can't wait to see the paths you are lead to!

Love always,

The Juls Girls


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