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Remaining Adaptable and Feeling Confident!

First off, let me invite you to our New Moon In Leo Magick Candle making class July 28th at 8pm! It will be hosted by Seven Stone Collective in Rosewell. Spots are limited, so you definitely want to sign up ASAP. Scroll to the bottom of this blog post and click the button for full event details and ticket purchases. Now that our business is taken care of, lets focus back on you.

You may be noticing you’re feeling more self confident lately. Maybe you’re wanting to go out more, dress up a little, or show off your talents. Perhaps you’re simply noticing your current self esteem levels and recognizing your desires to feel more sure of yourself.

Well hunny, we have Leo season to thank for that! And what a wonderful opportunity Leo brings for us to build ourselves up without needing anyone’s opinion or approval to do so.

The beginning of a season is opened with The New Moon.

The new moon is our opportunity to turn the page, start fresh and set our intentions or goals for the next 28 days. If you’ve never utilized the moon calendar structure, you can think of the new moon like the new year, but instead of setting a full year’s resolution, you’re dividing your life's goals into bite size chunks. This is incredibly valuable to remain accountable with yourself, and to generate your own inspiration and excitement for what you can create each month.

The new moon is where the sky is at its darkest. So if you’re feeling introspective or hermit-esque, you’re right in line with the stars. Please give yourself compassion and trust that all the energy you need will come back to you. Use this time to envision what you want to create and embody the feelings you want to experience.

Wait what? Embody what feelings I want to experience? Yes! You read that correctly. You get to choose how you want to feel. Now I know, deciding what feelings you want to experience sound weird.. And no it probably won't come naturally at first. This is where understanding what sign the new moon is passing through comes in handy. The zodiac can offer great direction and support for different feelings and skills.

So let’s chat about the new moon in the astrological sign Leo.

The new moon in Leo is happening on July 28th, but its energy is present for a couple of days. The moon will be trine Jupiter which brings beneficial opportunities for prosperity and growth, however at the same time Mercury squares Uranus bringing unexpected news and changes.

This contrast might make people feel anxious, impulsive, and a little erratic. Even thinking about it, you may be saying to yourself “uh oh.. This doesn't seem good.” But while unexpected changes can be a little inconvenient, they aren’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Leo and Jupiter bring enough excitement and positivity, that you could more easily see these changed circumstances from new perspectives leading to even better outcomes than your original path!

This new moon activity is asking you to slow down. You can feel the excitement and the passion, but you don’t have to act on it. Double check any travel plans, think and sit before you begin any bold conversations, and remain aware of your desire to chase thrills instead of completing your tasks. If you stay open minded and flexible through these transits, you’re likely to experience positive growth, original ideas, creative breakthroughs, chance encounters and exciting new friendships!

Practicing being adaptable. It’s a great skill for life in general don't you agree?

Still wondering what feelings you want to embody for the New Moon in Leo? Here are some suggestions

  • Self assurance/confidence: This goes beyond feeling pretty, although feeling your best is important too! Confidence in yourself also includes trust that you can adapt to any situation and always figure out what’s best for you and your wellbeing. Practice feeling self confident this week (by thinking about or doing anything that makes you feel confident) to attract more things to feel confident about!

  • Joy: Leo is a joyful sign and reminds us that no matter what chaos may be happening around us, we are always capable of experiencing joy. Think about memories that make you feel joy as often as possible and engage with as many activities that bring you joy as you can this week!

  • Compassion: true self confidence also means loving every part of yourself… even the parts you may not be proud of as you’re reading this. If self judgment comes up this week, remind yourself that you’re choosing to think self loving thoughts instead and then see if you can love the part of yourself that’s doing the judging. What is that part protecting you from? Can you offer that part of yourself compassion?

If you're thirsty for clarification, or want to go deeper and be more specific in your intentions, come join us July 28th for our New Moon in Leo manifestation circle!

We will be deep diving into this energy with a guided meditation, awesome conversations and a magick candle making class facilitated by us and Seven Stone Collective in Roswell. See full event details via the button below.

Happy New Moon in Leo and we are wishing you the best Leo Season ever!


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