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Taking Breaks with Intention

I think many of us hold a fear that if we aren't showing up, then all we have worked for is lost. It reminds me a lot of being afraid to burn a Juls Candle. Some of us fear that if we indulge and burn, then one day it will be gone!

Funny thing is, neither of these fears are real! They are illusions. Because the truth is, abundance isn't conditional and there are always more candles. Abundance doesn't care if you take a day to rest, in fact the law of abundance says that you are worthy of receiving just by being alive. Abundance doesn't care if you burn that candle, because it says that you deserve to enjoy your experience and there is plenty more where that came from.

So many of us are living in lack. We shame ourselves into working for what we deserve because we don't believe we are deserving as we are. For me, some of this shame comes from looking at the world and wondering why I get to have what I do and others aren't as fortunate. To see that so much of the world is suffering makes me feel guilty because I'm not suffering too. And this belief is supported by this external pressure to give to those less fortunate if you're able. While I do agree that it's important to take care of others, I think subconsciously we may be torturing ourselves for having all that we want now when so much of our lineage and so many around us are still struggling to simply survive. I think that we believe deep down, if we aren't struggling for what we have, then we are doing something wrong. Simultaneously, I think we believe that if we aren't struggling and working hard we aren't grateful for what we have either.

Now, this is totally my experience and my story based on what I've seen in my environment and family line. I've watched myself push myself to work past my energy levels. I've watched myself feel guilt for not working hard enough. Funny thing is, working hard enough is a constantly moving target. What is enough if you never define the word?

You're doing enough. Not just in your working life, but in your personal life too. You're doing enough in your relationships, you're doing enough in your self development, you're doing enough by simply being here. Does that take the pressure off?

I think this desire to do more, be more and achieve more is really based in our perpetual chasing of acceptance and love. We think we aren't lovable if we don't meet specific standards whether it's beauty, resume, popularity, spiritual or even care giving. It's not an easy thing to let go of these stories; sometimes it's even harder to admit that we hold them.

What would the world be like if we didn't feel pressured to be anything more than we are? How would we look at one another differently if we saw ourselves with value? A value that's not measured by marks on paper, compliments from others, or likes on posts- but a value that's our given right because we are here.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that we are animals- animals like our favorite pets or the ones we admire in the wild. Do we judge their value? Most of us don't- we accept that they are beautiful and allowed to be here because they are. So why do we look at eachother any differently?

Why do we accept the story that we are supposed to work until we drop when wild animals respect their need for rest? Why do we accept the worker bee mentality when our bodies are screaming for us to listen and take it easy?


This is a lesson I've had to learn through burn out and illness. After observing my moods and behaviors, I've come to see that rest is NECESSARY to rejuvenate my creativity and enthusiasm. It's NECESSARY for me to show up as my best in all that I do. But as I mentioned above, I've also learned that rest is NECESSARY for the law of abundance.

Abundance is a harmonious giving and receiving. It's the knowing that you will always have more than enough to receive and give. For the law of abundance to reach you, you have to rest and receive.


This week I rested by waiting to post this blog. This week we rested by turning off work and attending an event in North Carolina for FUN! We went hiking too which is always restful for our souls. We took a break with intention. Our intention was to rejuvenate, allow abundance to flow to us, and live our lives.

So how can you incorporate more rest into your life? How can you shift your priorities so that there is a balance between resting and acting? Here is your call to adjust your schedule this week and prioritize BALANCE.

You are more than enough already. So allow yourself to rest, light that candle. Enjoy your life- everyone wants you to.


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