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The Health Benefits Behind Our Spiced Oils

This blog contains voice recordings so you can listen to the content instead of reading it! Wherever you see an audio insert, click play to hear Zoe speak the content of this blog post.

If you've burned our Creekstone Fig, Fireside, Moon Magic, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Red Hots, or Wicked then you've used our signature spiced oil blend! These scents are warm and soothing with a little spice from the help of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamom. They are most popular during the fall and winter months. Which by simply reading the names seems obvious. I mean doesn't every candle company brings them out for people to enjoy during this time?

Well yes! But have you ever thought about why?

I'll give you a hint... It goes way beyond American holiday marketing!

Elements and energies

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove are often used together or seperate in aromas and foods during the fall and winter months because they increase heat. These herbs are associated with fire! So as the weather gets cooler, by using these herbs we can stay internally warm, comforted and centered.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove are also masculine energies. They promote energy, vitality, sexuality, and motivation. They also deepen presence and awareness. As the season brings about death and slowing down in nature, we can use the gifts of these herbs to keep us going and increase our energy through the holidays and deepen our awareness and connection as we spend more intentional time with loved ones and our communities.

Cardamom is the outlier yet balancer in our spice blend. She is a feminine energy and associated with water. Cardamom is energetically essential during the fall and winter months because it opens our heart space and helps us live into love and generosity. That's the reason for the season right?! As the other oils increase our energy and motivation, cardamom supports positive direction because it clears the mind and offers courage behind our action.

Health Benefits

Would it be a surprise if I told you that these herbs help fight infection and have a positive affect on our moods? How fitting right?!

As the weather gets cooler and the nights get longer, we tend to see changes in our sleep schedules, increased infections and sometimes depression or anxiety from less exposure to the sun and increased consumption of denser, heavier foods. Some people call it seasonal depression, and it's not just a modern phenomena.

While we do spend more time inside than our ancestors, finding spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom in recipes passed down through generations is no coincidence. Our ancestors knew what they were doing!

In the 15th century, cinnamon and nutmeg were believed to fight off the black plague! Today they are still used in aromatherapy and or in recipes and remedies to reduce inflammation, and sooth body pain.

Clove is known to sooth respiratory ailments and increase body temperature and is great for youthful skin.

Cardamom is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for baths.

These spices all share mood boosting benefits and are used to promote relaxation and healthy sleep, and balance mood to alleviate anxiety and depression.

All of these spices are also great for strengthening digestion. No wonder they are used in drinks like Hot Toddies, teas and ciders and even in our desserts like Pumpkin and Apple Pies!

Mythologies and superstitions

It's no secret that many of us here with Juls Candles are curious about magic and energy.

Why not believe in multidimensional purpose and possibility right?!

So let's chat about the magical properties of this spice blend and why it's so great for this time of year!

First try to answer this.... what do we, here in America, do most during the Fall and Winter?

We bake/cook, we eat, we relax, we commune, we give, we love, we run around like crazy with full social schedules, we introspect, and we spend money. Some of us consider it our busy seasons, so we are also focused on projects and production and hosting events! Others are the hostesses with the mostesses and invite guests into our homes. There's plenty of inbetweens and holiday rebels, however the chaotic energy from others is felt loud and clear.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamom are all incredibly supportive during the chaos. As mentioned before, most are fire spices meaning they increase our energy... thank goodness we can get that support from somewhere! Cardamom is the outlier, however she further supports the increased energy by giving it clarity, focus and direction.

Cinnamon attracts money and enhances love. What goes out comes back to us 3x! A little extra love coming in and going out feels so good during the holiday season, and with the help of cardamom our hearts can remain open and in flow with cinnamons' strength.

Nutmeg promotes sleep and relaxation while attracting safety, luck and motivation. We all need healthy sleep to keep our batteries charged for the hustle and bustle. Safety and luck speak for themselves here!

Clove increases our concentration, enhances positive energy, and attracts protection, prosperity and friendship. Can I get a HELL YES! for this one?!

Cardamom again opens our heart to more love and generosity. It also clears the mind and increases our courage and direction. The holiday season is full of purpose and love so cardamom offers the perfect blend of support to make the most of it!

So how do you use them?

Well luckily we have developed the perfect spice blend for our heavenly fall and winter scents! Juls Candles has made it's very easy for you to enjoy all the health, energy and magic benefits in our candles, body oils, diffusers, room sprays, and soaps!

  • Burn a Creekstone Fig candle while you decorate your home or invite others into your space!

  • Use some moon magic body oil in your bath to clean your energy and enhance youthfulness in your skin.

  • Enjoy Wicked as a soap to wash away the hectic day and rejuvenate your spirit.

  • Burn a Fireside candle at bedtime to promote deep and healthy sleep to recharge your battery!

  • Fill your home with Red Hots as you cook, bake, or host any event to promote positive energy, deep connection, fun, laughter and mood boosting for everyone involved!

  • Place a plug in wax melter in your guest bedrooms or shared bathrooms to help boost anyone's mood who walks into that space with Pumpkin Spice, Fireside, Redhots, Creekstone Fig, Moon Magic or Wicked

  • Use a reed diffuser with any of these scents in your workplace to increase focus, positive energy, clear direction and to attract money, luck, prosperity and protection

  • Fill your car diffuser with any of these scents to promote calm, focus, protection, good luck and prosperity as you hop from event to event!

Get as creative as you want with these scents and their incredible benefits!

And with this knowledge you can now respect any recipe with these spices in a whole new way! Looks like this season will be much more intentional for all of us this year!

These uplifting, spicy aromas are available in all of our streamline products in any collection. Select magick candles and decorative candles have also been poured in these scents for good reason! If you would like to increase the magical properties of these spices even more, order a custom magick candle by clicking the button below! Together we can make the most powerful fall/winter spicy candle ever!

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