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Are you looking for custom party gifts and event decor?

You've come to the right place! We love helping others make their special days even more memorable by adding scent into the experience. 

Did you know that scent directly connected to your memory bank? That's why you can smell something and immediately be taken back to that moment 15 years ago! Scent makes you FEEL something, so let's use it to plan something everyone will remember for years to come!

Here's what we can offer:

  1. MAGICK CANDLE CREATION: For your special day, we can make you something you'll never forget. Magick candles are candles set with intention. They are adorned with flowers, herbs and crystals to call the energy you need. We can use the custom scent you create or one we already have. Pick a vessel you want in your home as a forever piece or let us help you find one. Light it at your event to set the energy into the candle, bring it home and light to remember that feeling forever. 

  2. PARTY FAVORS: Send your guests home with a memory. As they light your party favor, they will be brought right back to that moment! 

  3. EVENT DECOR: Yes, we can fill candles for your event. We will evaluate how much scent to use so that it's not overpowering for your guests too! We will work together to get your look just right. 

  4. BRIDAL PARTIES: Create a custom scent or pour your own candles into your personal containers together! Make your custom scent at your bridal party that will be used for your wedding! 

  5. ​Custom scent creation: we will meet with you or you can come to us and we will create a special scent for your special day. We write down the recipe for you and your guests to reorder time and time again. 

  6. Pick a scent you like: if you don't want to make your own, we can choose one of our many beautiful scents to fit the feel you're going for. Come sniff or have us send some samples!

  7. Custom shopping experience: we will shop for you! If you're looking for specific vessels, we can look through our resources so you don't have to. We will discuss your aesthetic and keep an open dialog as we search for the perfect fit. 

  8. Find your own: Already have the vessels you want for your party favors or decor? We will fill them for you! We can also offer assistance if you need them wrapped. 

  9. Shipping: If you want Juls Candles, we will be there. Again, there will be open dialog about how to get your order shipped to you in a timely manner. 

Let us know which numbers (1-8) you're interested in, and we can get started!

Thanks for submitting!

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