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Give your skin the beverage it deserves and vibe high with this 100% natural body moisturizer. 


We've hand combined almond oil with our therapeutic grade scented oils ensuring hydrating your skin won't get much better than this. Your skin will experience the difference and you'll notice all the compliments!

Curious Body Oil

SKU: jccubdyo-clr-4oz
$45.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price
  • Scent: We recommend trying our signature body oil scent "Kashmir." However, it's truly your choice! Browse our scent selection HERE

    Size: 4oz

    Life Span: 2-6 months depending on frequency of use

    Suggested Use: We like to lather our entire bodies in these vibes, however our body oil is also great to use as a natural perfume alternative. Just a few dabs will do ya. Or perhaps add a few drops to your bath for an uplifted self care ritual. Whatever you choose, your skin will love you and your friends will thank you for smelling so dang good. 

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