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How to nurture your relationships, and call in the ones you want!

Yeah, that title is captivating right? And you're probably like "what in the world does this have to do with candles?" Well the title doesn't... however the content does. Because it's time to talk about the NEW MOON IN LIBRA!

What is the New Moon?

Zoe and I keep up with the New Moons because they give us a structure to focus our monthly goals on. Instead of looking at the entirety of our lives and trying to initiate movement in all areas, we utilize the lunar support to singularly focus on one aspect for 30 days. We have also found that the more we pay attention, the more validated our experiences seem to be! We are continually surprised by how accurate the lunar influences are in our lives and in those lives around us.

We also tailor some of our candle making strategies to line up with the New Moon. So as we continue our personal growth, that energy is transferred into our products! We always set intentions for your highest good into every handcrafted item. This month is exciting because it's all about love.

I intend to practice expressing my authentic feelings so that my relationships are free rather than restricting. I intend to continue letting go of people pleasing so my relationships are more aligned with joy, fluidity, openness, and genuine give and receive. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for relationships that alleviate pressure in my life and are the opposite of stressful.

New Moon in Libra

Libra is the sign of relationship and balance. It asks of us to reflect on how we relate to and connect with the people in our lives AKA in romantic partners, friends and family.

The following information is directly from an astrology app called “The Pattern.” The information was so valuable, I decided to include all of it in this post!

“This month could be a great time to get yourself out there and meet a potential partner! If you’re in a relationship, any issues between you may be resolved or at least become a focus to be resolved.

New Moon Libra offers us the opportunity to assess how you feel about your relationships. Are you getting what you want from your friends and or a partner? Or are you giving too much? Are your relationships supporting your growth? Are they giving you the space you need to become your authentic self?

As you’re setting your intentions for the next few weeks, think deeply about what you desire from your relationships. If you want to enter a partnership, then set that intention!

If you desire to deepen or clear any issues in your current relationship, set your intentions to close and or resolve any blocks in intimacy.

If you have an attachment to someone from your past and it’s holding you back, set your intentions to reach closure with that person and see what happens in the next two weeks.

You can also use this time to emphasize and enhance the closest and most important relationship you have- the one to yourself! This is especially true if you tend to be someone who stumbles into codependency or loses themselves in relationships. New moon in Libra offers great support for boosting your self esteem outside of relationships.

This is also a great time to widen your friendships and community! You can set your intention to connect with more like minded people. If this is the intention you set, try to get yourself into new environments, because you may encounter new people in your “soul tribe.”

This New Moon can help you heal from past relationship wounds by encouraging you to forgive yourself for your past actions. When you’re able to separate yourself from your experiences, you can be more open to forgiving others. Take this opportunity to reflect on whether you are currently holding on to anything that is inhibiting you from fully being vulnerable with those around you. Be sure to allow this process to unfold naturally, without forcing yourself to let go of painful emotions because true healing happens over time. Simply setting the intentions now gets the process going… healing is allowed to be easy and graceful.

The New Moon in Libra feels very feminine. We suggest using this time for reflecting and imagining instead of making plans or predicting things.

This is an incredible time to let go of self conscious thoughts around how you show up in your relationships, and to connect with people who appreciate you for who you are. Perhaps now you’re able to understand how open your heart is to vulnerability, intimacy and unity.”

Journaling Prompts

Take some time to reflect on the questions below. Feel free to write any answers down or just think about them for now. Utilize these answers to brainstorm your intentions for the month ahead. We recommend taking the next couple of days to clarify your answers in detail.

  • Have I been able to share what I really feel with those around me? Or am I putting on a mask or thinking I have to perform or be a certain way to be accepted by my friends and partners?

  • Have I been communicating directly and fairly in my friendships and partnerships?

  • Do I have unresolved issues with people that I would like to make peace with?

  • How do I currently invest my time into my relationships? Do I want more connections or fewer? Am I prioritizing time for myself and with my loved ones?

  • In what ways can I seek out new friendships or add social connections?

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Much Love,

The Juls Girls


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