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Play: The Secret To Living a Full Life

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it's something you design for the present" - Jim Rohn

I think most of us have an unconscious desire to live a fulfilling life. Whether it's a natural instinct, or a set of beliefs we've picked up from movies and stories, it drives our wants and our desires.

We search here,

we search there,

we buy this,

we hope for that,

we get tastes of it

and then sometimes we get knocked down when what we thought was going to fill this void just doesn't.

Many of us think we need to chase outside of ourselves to have a fulfilling life. Almost like we think we need a resume as proof of how amazing we are and how good we have done with our time here.

But the truth is feeling fulfilled doesn't just come to us one day in the future. It's not something to have. Fulfillment is something we get to create.

"The most fulfilling lives are not those with endless riches or insurmountable strength, but rather those who are content with the simple beauties of life"

We are born into this world naturally fulfilled with purpose and wonder within the simple beauties of life. Do you remember when you were a child? Regardless of our diverse upbringings, we all have childhood memories of enjoying life simply because we were alive. Do you remember what you were doing when you were enjoying life the most? Or can you recount your most recent memories around happy children? What were they doing?

As a child, I didn't have visions of what my life would be like as an adult. I just assumed it would remain about the same! Playing dress up. Painting faces. Dancing to my favorite songs. Feeling inspired by something I saw and trying it out for myself. Hours and hours of playing mermaids in the pool. Jumping rope and jumping on trampolines. Getting excited for the holidays because everyone decorated their homes with lights and engaged in traditions. Being captivated by the firepit no matter how many times I had roasted marshmallows before. Wondering about the man on the moon every night I saw it shining in the sky. Finding comfort in my friends or creating friends from nature if my human ones weren't around. Riding my bike everywhere and going as fast as I could down any hill. Catching fireflies. Watering the garden. Playing with my pets and watching movies that would make me laugh until my stomach hurt. Savoring my favorite snacks. Jumping through the sprinklers. Fishing with my grandfather. Wearing my Halloween costume for 3 months straight because who said we had to wait for that one day a year to be Cinderella?

I never thought fulfillment would be something I searched for as an adult. To be honest though, the adult way isn't quite working for me... is it working for you?

Children are resilient playful beings. Any free chance they get will be filled with a game or a curious creation. As adults we often live in contrast to who we once were. Children's imaginations forge adventures where our minds would find boredom. Their abundant energy inspires passions while ours turns itself into overwhelm. Their personal expression designs confident fashions where our authentic expression often gets shunned by self criticism. Their gratitude for being alive makes them not want to waste a second on doing things that they "have-to-do" while our adult lives turn into a list of "have-to-dos" that blankets our natural gratitude with a layer of stress.

I use the word natural here on purpose. Children are humans in our most natural state. Humans are meant to be curious. We are meant to experience joy and fun and play. It's not until we are introduced into society that our natural ways of living are pushed into the shadows of our memories.

If we desire to have a fulfilled life, we simply return to our natural state. If we desire to have a fulfilling life, we must become more like children.

Children love to play.

If we don't have anyone stopping us from having ice cream for dinner, then there's no one to say we can't create a life where play is the only option.

I can hear you saying "yeah but I still have all these responsibilities." And yes, that might be true... but if you gave yourself permission to be creative, do you think you could make games out of those "have to dos?" Or ditch some of them completely to be replaced with more playful experiences? Could it be true that you can be both playful and responsible?

If you're feeling uncomfortable even thinking about engaging in play, don't worry. That's normal. We actually have to practice being playful before it feels natural again. Choosing to be playful and have more fun starts by being intentional and open to trying. This is a process of remembering and relearning. You cannot mess it up.

"Make sure your life is full of happy memories in the end"

You get to design your own life. What a gift that is!

We've been practicing play in our own lives and it's inspired us to host a Christmas in July celebration July 22nd and 23rd! Our playroom will be set up at Crooked Creek Furniture and Gifts from 10am-5pm both days.

There will be

  • a raffle for your chance to win a $100 gift card valid this holiday season

  • a selfie station to engage in some play!

  • sales on last year's holiday merchandise

  • discounts on refills in select holiday scents

  • 6 different opportunities to attend a DIY Pour Your Own Candles At Home demonstration!

  • Infinite opportunities to play

Please feel free to dress in warm weather holiday attire! Any ideas or playful inspirations are welcome.

For full event details including raffle entry specifics, please click the button below.

We cannot wait to create fulfilling memories with you!

Love Always,

The Juls Girls


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