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Scented From Top to Bottom

Have you ever wondered why some candles are $10 while others are 3x as much?

I have. And I came across part of that answer over the weekend. Get ready for this one because it made my mouth drop.

Some companies only scent the top layer of their candles!


I was floored! I've always been spoiled with Juls so I haven't had the pleasure of a partially scented candle experience, but I can imagine it's so disappointing! Not to t

otally talk shit on anyone who crafts candles this way - I understand why someone would, materials and oils are so expensive! But REALLY?! I just couldn't do that to my customers!

I mean can you imagine?! Showing someone a candle that they love so much. You're vibing about it and their so excited to have found a candle in a beautiful container that smells better than anything they've smelled before... it's exactly what they are looking for! And then two days in it doesn't smell anymore?! As a customer I would be concerned that something was wrong with me like I was getting sick or going crazy. If I ever figured out my candle was a rip off.. I certainly wouldn't buy it again.

Enough being angry about it... because there was goodness in this bad news. Now I get to proudly tell people that our candles are scented from beginning to end. Not only do we use therapeutic grade oils stronger than most oils you'll find on the market, but we use them throughout our non-toxic waxes.

Juls Candles are heavenly scented by hand. Because our candles are handcrafted, we can be extra attentive to when things are working and when they aren't. Which brings me to my next news flash- we are switching our pumpkin pie spice back to our original oil company! This means the cinnamony magic you so loved will be back in all its glory. The new Pumpkin Spice we have is good, but it's not the same... we know we know. So goodbye new and in with the old!

This week has been so full of events and holiday prepping, that I don't have too much life coaching woo woo talk for this blog. If I was to mention ONE thing for this blog, I would mention presence. And I would recommend a book called How to do the Work by the Holistic Psychologist.

Join me this Tuesday October 19th on Facebook Live at 7! I'll be showing off some containers and connecting with everyone there. Can't wait!


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