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The Next Six Months Will be Interesting

Hello my friend!

I have another astro-update for you!

Why have I been doing these astrology updates?

Well, because life can sometimes feel a little rocky, and the more I learn about astrology the more I understand how both personal and collective every day events correlate to what's happening in our sky. This has been incredibly empowering for me and validating for my external and internal experiences.

Continually seeing the evidence of these astrological events lining up with the circumstances in my life, has built my trust in looking ahead at what's coming astrologically to better prepare myself and to better integrate the lessons that these events inevitably bring.

In other words, learning about astrology has helped me to make the most out of the energies present instead of simply feeling like they are happening to me. And what a gift that is to share with others!

If you've ever looked into astrology you know that it's a whole different language. It's my goal to teach you astrology through experience, so don't worry about knowing all the details for this to be relevant.

In this blog I am discussing Mars Retrograde because it will play a forefront roll in many of our lives for the next 6 months.

Now, everyone will experience Mars Retrograde a little differently based on their specific astrological chart defined by when and where they were born. Please take what resonates and utilize the rest to exercise compassion for others who may experience these energies more intensely. I encourage you to absorb this article and then get curious in your life!

If my summary of Mars Retrograde peaks your interest and you would like to learn more about your specific chart, I have linked two Youtube videos at the bottom of this page to one of my all time favorite weekly astrology update channels.

Thank you Rodan for being so dang incredible.

So what is a retrograde anyway?

I think many of us have heard about Mercury in "Lemonade" since social media started taking it's spiritual path. Some people think it's an excuse used by "woke" hippies to not take responsibility, and others are honestly scared to death of these events. Yes, I know that's a total generalization. Truly most of us are probably somewhere in between.

Retrogrades are natural astronomical events. When a planet is in retrograde it's appearing to move backwards in our sky. The planet isn't actually moving backwards, but due to our differing revolving speeds and Earth's location relative to that planet, it creates the illusion of backtracking. While it obviously happens, retrogrades are pretty rare in relation to the usual forward movement of the planets. The outer planets are in retrograde about 40% of the time because they are so far away, however closer planets like Mars and Venus only go into retrograde once every few years.

Astrologically speaking, because these events are different from the normal planetary movement, we often energetically experience retrogrades as disruptive. Plans or travels gets delayed, things you want take forever to manifest or it may even seem like you're getting the exact opposite of what you're hoping for.

I like to see these disruptions as opportunities to slow down, create space for the wobbly unpredictability, to let go of expectations and to open myself to new perspectives. There's not much escaping these retrogrades, but we can learn about them and make the most of them!

So what about Mars Retrograde?

Because Mars is so close to earth, it's affects are more personal, can be more challenging and felt more intensely.

Mars in retrograde is likely to affect our vitality and sex drive (and or creative drive). This will be a period of "slowing down and deep introspection about if we are openly sharing our desires, how our passion is expressed or repressed and if we need to be more or less aggressive (1)"in our relationships or in regards to our personal pursuits. Don't be surprised if you have less energy than normal or if it comes in spurts. The slow moments are so we have the chance to be completely honest and real with ourselves.


Mars is the planet of passion and war. If there are any annoyances or frustrations that you've been holding back in your relationships, they are likely to be brought up during this time. Because everyone's a little quick to temper and short on patience during Mars retrograde, you may see relational friction, and your own repressed anger coming to the surface to be looked at, addressed and processed. Be honest with yourself to yourself about how you really feel in your relationships.

Mars Retrograde offers us the opportunity to evaluate our relationships and what we desire within them clearly and honestly. Are you honoring yourself in your relationships? Are you manipulating others to be in control? Are you more competitive in your relationships than you would like to be? And why?


When our passion button is mashed down a little harder than normal by Mars, it gives us the opportunity to let go of repressed anger.

Repressed anger is unexpressed anger that leaves a wound in our nervous system. When this happens, that old wound clouds our perception about our current reality because it wants to get out, and can influence us to interpret our current relationships in a distorted way.

If you experience anger that seems abnormally intense these next 6 months, it's best to do some internal processing before expressing these frustrations to others via journaling or meditation, as the emotions coming up could be related to something much older than the current circumstance.

Your behavioral, emotional and thought patterns will show themselves to you during Mars Retrograde. These patterns could be related to your past experiences and how you've kept yourself safe from experiencing certain pains again.

You may be surprised at what resurfaces and how old pain has been hiding in your current life.

These patterns may present themselves as judgements toward others, external restrictions, thoughts, emotions or interpersonal relationship conflict so you can finally let them go and embody new ways of living and relating to one another.

The recent New Moon in Virgo helped us to gain some serious clarity on the new habits that we wanted to bring into our lives. Keep your mind and your eyes on those intentions because now you're getting the chance to see all the ways in which you may be holding yourself back from achieving those things or integrating those behaviors and patterns and relationships into your life.

Work and Projects

Throughout the Mars Retrograde we will also get periods of positivity, luck and good fortune from Jupiter the planet of luck. What a grace to receive these spurts of positivity between our healing. With these periods of luck and clarity along our journey, we can successfully move current projects forward if we take our time to make decisions with intuitive precision.

You may find yourself inspecting your motivations as well. Why do you do these things? What pushes you to do these things and what motivates you to want them? If you have motivations that aren't rooted in honesty or your highest good, you might find yourself desiring to change that.

Process your feelings before you act!

If you begin new relationships or projects at this time, it's possible that these new things have come into your life to help you see and learn the lessons you need to during this Mars Retrograde. Sometimes these people and projects are not permanent stays. If you begin something new this retrograde, be open to it being in your life for only this period of time. I'm not saying none of your new relationships will last, however it's good to exercise your intuition and critical thinking before making long term commitments during this period.

To stay grounded, many of us will find it beneficial to focus on our local communities or on our work/creative endeavors. Focusing on these things will help us to not get lost in the emotional swell that is going to sweep humanity during this time.

What to do over the next 6 months
  • Be honest with yourself and how you really feel in your relationships.

  • Clear your frustrations through physical activity or other healthy means like screaming into pillows

  • Prioritize your self care with rest, journaling, meditation or other spacious practices where you can hear yourself think and feel what you feel

  • Improve your self confidence

  • Revisit old desires in positive ways

  • Care for your physical body

What to think about before act on it over the next 6 months
  • Beginning new long term commitment relationships

  • Starting new projects

  • Acting impulsively

  • Behaving impatiently

  • Avoiding responsibilities or procrastinating

Now Mars Retrograde can seem like a scary event...

because who wants to face themselves and feel pain? But it's not something to be afraid of! Mars Retrograde offers us an incredible opportunity to align ourselves with what really matters and to move past some old pain that's no longer serving us.

Make an effort to remind yourself that you're doing the best you can and allow yourself to feel what you feel. I'm actually going to put a couple of Post-it notes on my bathroom mirror and around the house to remind me that I am only human and I am doing the best I can in every single moment!

As far as Juls Candles goes, we will be taking the rest of the year to slowly and steadily integrate the things we want to bring about for the business. We appreciate your patience as we adopt these new goodies and as we slowly implement the changes that we've so promised.

We ask for your understanding in advance if anything comes about slower than we want it to or than you would like it to be.

Continued Support

I will continue to do Astro updates as well as provide journaling prompts or any other support that we can to you.

We are more than just a candle business we are a community and it is our mission to provide as much communal support as we possibly can. If you have any questions during this time please don't hesitate to send us an email or a message requesting any information or further explanation that you may need along the way.

If you need any help with resources we would be happy to provide our favorites including astrological apps that you can input your own information into, YouTube channels that provide readings and astrological readings as well as astrologers, coaches, healers, reiki practitioners etc open for one on one sessions.

We are wishing you a smooth and graceful Mars Retrograde and we highly encourage you to consider attending one of our pop ups, Crooked Creek Furniture and Gifts events, or candle making classes along the way! We are all in this together.

Much love,

The Juls Girls


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