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Why you need to try our new scent "Chill Pill"

Honestly, life these days can feel pretty exhausting.

Never before has it been so easy to get mentally invested in everything going on around us, and with modern technology our definition of “everything going on around us” has expanded beyond our own communities borders. We are living in bodies that evolved to experience dramas that are to be felt with our hands and solved with our physical actions. Now, quite literally we have access to millions of peoples opinions and emotional realities through devices that can fit into our back pockets. Our threats have become intangible, illusionary, and constant if we aren’t paying attention.

Modern life is an adjustment.

And as our world advances, our bodies are called to advance with it. But advancing within is a learning process not many of us acknowledge ourselves for doing so beautifully! It comes with emotional, physical and mental upgrades. It comes with constant practice of awareness and cycles of being thrown around into burnout, hopelessness, fear and purposelessness if we let our attention slack for even a few hours. We are all doing the absolute best we can in this colorful, exciting, and devastatingly beautiful transition in human existence.

The growing pains can show up in a myriad of ways.

  • From emotional outbursts, to “lack of motivation,”

  • from abundant creative energy, to feeling like “what’s the point,”

  • from experiencing moments of immense gratitude to shifts that trigger old pains,

  • From feeling unstoppable to experiencing physical symptoms out of the blue,

  • From meeting new connections to losing connections unexpectedly,

  • From learning new things to forgiving the old,

  • From feeling on top of the world to feeling like the world is going to end

  • From knowing who you are, to being proven wrong and learning all over again and again….

Can you take a moment to reflect on just how much you have experienced in such a short amount of time?

We designed our new scent Chill Pill because we have been, and continue to be, so inspired by your courage in showing up for the changes you’re being challenged to face. You are our hero. And whether this is one of the phases where you feel like it or not, you deserve all the patience and self compassion as often as you can remember to give it.

Chill Pill is an enlightening blend of lavender, peppermint and pine. Its calming and lightly medicinal aroma physically relaxes the nervous system, can soothe headaches, and works with the root chakra (for safety, security and stability), the throat chakra (ability to clearly communicate our truth, establish healthy independence and trust for others) and the the heart chakra (our ability to love, forgive and live in compassion).

Chill Pill is the physical reminder that you are deserving of contentment and joy regardless of “what’s going on around you.” It’s the spark of inspiration to take time for self care. To make time to rejuvenate your heart and to appreciate what IS going well in your life. Chill Pill is our way of saying .....

“You always have a choice. You are never stuck. You are safe at this moment. Take a breath. Feel your center. We are with you forever and always”

Please let us know what you think of this new addition! Tag us in photos of your self care moments, or simply send us a mental message so we know that you are giving yourself the love and care you deserve!

Love always,

The Juls Girls

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